New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Raven   Raven EmptyTue Jan 18 2011, 09:48

Name: Raven

Age: 1

Species: Wolf

Breed: Eispferd x Grey Wolf

Gender: Male

Description: Raven is jet black, very inky and without any white on his fur. His eyes are dusted with magic, making them a dark purple hue. Raven has very coarse fur, but it sheds out to a very thin sheet in the summer. He is extremely fast and strong, having practiced his techniques all his life. Raven is compact and can maneuver just about anywhere.

Height: 3.5ft

History: Raven grew up in pain from not knowing who his father was. Instead of growing up like a normal wolf should, he was forced to live in some stupid desert land with his mother, Strike Goldstar. He hates her - hates them all, actually. As just a pup, he would harass his sister, Misericordia in an unmerciful manner. He always envied her ice and wants to gain her power, himself. Instead of being blessed with the power of ice wolves, he grew up as a normal individual. What they didn't comprehend, though, was that he was nothing close to the definition of normal.

Personality: He is extremely sadistic, bordering on the side of insanity. Raven has this complex with his mother and wants to kill her for what she put him through. He has a sick obsession with knowing his father and learning all his tricks. The young wolf knows he will find Radu eventually, and he torments his mind with all the 'wonderful' things he will do when he meets him. After seeing the African wolves at a passing glance, he wants to learn from them and do what they want. He has the perfect mindset to be a spy.

Parents: Strike Goldstar and Radu

Image (optional): Raven 36dca1d19064ccd7de59eb2c6f6d4fd6
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