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PostSubject: Oskana   Oskana EmptyMon Jan 17 2011, 17:30

Username: Otho

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Oskana

Age: 6

Species: Horse

Breed: The American Warmblood

Gender: Mare

Description: Oskana is a dark, dapple-grey with a black left hind leg, and brilliantly green eyes. She's medium sized, but she has a compact build, and seems somewhat small. She's graceful looking, with not much fat, and - though not insanely muscular - she has plenty of speed, and looks stronger than what she is.

Height: 16hh

History: When she was two she left her old herd to travel and explore. However, when she was three she longed for a more permanent home, as well as a stallion to give her a foal. The first she found soon, in the desert known as Red Sun, but the later took much longer, till Amani forced her to bear his young.

She continues to live in Red Sun, with her young son, Oskamani. Soon though, she plans to find a new land in which to live. One where she is more than just the wandering resident of the kingdom...

Personality: When she was younger, she had many, many traits, not the least of which was her relative shyness, her oddity, and occasionally, her sharp tongue. Since she made her home in the desert though, she's found a different way, becoming less shy, and stronger in her thoughts. She learned to listen as well as to speak her part, and works towards thinking before speaking when she's angry or upset.

Image (optional): N/A

Please note that Oskana was a mare I adopted and have RPed for quite a while now. Originally, she was Theramdom's character. Her, name, coloration, height, part of her personality, and a small part of her history are from her old bio, and belong to Theramdom. I changed her age (since, of course, she's aged since then), and parts of her personality, since she's gone through a lot since her original bio was written, as well as updating her history. Her breed I changed as well, since before, she'd been a 'TB', and I'm not sure which breed that is Shocked .
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PostSubject: Re: Oskana   Oskana EmptyTue Jan 18 2011, 14:26


Please post in Taken Names with a link.


Kanny XD
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