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PostSubject: Rishima   Rishima EmptySat Jan 15 2011, 20:08

Username: alamandy

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Rishima

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: Moon Horse


Description: Rishima is mostly Silvery White, her mane is light brown mixed with the same silvery white of her coat and her tail is dark brown but silvery white under neath as the colours are split. they seem to be highlighted by a faint purple which can be seen if the light hits it right. her eyes are sapphire blue with purple speaks in them. her hooves are black. Ris has a dark gray marking form the tip of her chin, down the front of her neck and the front of her chest. also her two front legs at the knee for 5 centimeters each way on her leg.

Height: 16.2

History: Rishima was born when there was three different herds of moon horse left. the herds were all together because the lead stallions were all friends. So Ris grew without harm for two years with the three herds. But then one of the three herds left and was not seen again. A few days after they left though humans came and found us all. Ris took three foals, 2 fillies, one colt with her to hid knowing that if they broke up they might stay safe. But after a week of hiding the rest of the two herds were killed for their coats that glowed on a full moon. Ris took the yearlings with her to seek safer lands in which to live but never finding one.

after a year more of searching, 2 moon wolves found them and stayed with Ris and the 2 years olds helping them get to a new home it took a year more to get to Freedoms Palace but the wolves said it was safer here then any other place.

Personality: Rishima is kind and sweet but because of what happened when she was two she is shy and tries to hide that she is a moon horse as she is scared of meeting the same fate as her family did. she has cared for three young moon horses which she is very protective of even though they are now three.

Image (optional): none yet

OOC: kanny said it was fine to make her and if anyone wants to play one of the three other moon horses or one of the wolves pm me about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Rishima   Rishima EmptySat Jan 15 2011, 20:13


Please post in Taken Names with link.


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