New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Sweeter Then Nettie (OPEN WOLF)

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Sweeter Then Nettie (OPEN WOLF) Empty
PostSubject: Sweeter Then Nettie (OPEN WOLF)   Sweeter Then Nettie (OPEN WOLF) EmptyFri Jan 14 2011, 19:45


The black nose lifted to the sky, the wind seemed to wind around her. She didn't mind it's icy chill, it keeped everything real.
She bright blue eyes watched as the moon rose slowly, every minuite that ticked by made it reach higher into the unknown realm above.

Slowly, her tail began to wag slowly, its white shine pale against the fresh snow, smoothing a path behind her.
Suddenly, and yet gracefully, she shot her head back and howled with all her might, never had she howled so loud nor so beautifully.

It was true, here in the snowfall sat the most beautiful wolf of the whole kingdom. To some it seemed.
The howl came to a stop, like the closing of a choir and she rested her large head upon her paws and shut her eyes.
She was safe at last...
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Sweeter Then Nettie (OPEN WOLF)
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