New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Draighean   Draighean EmptyThu Jan 13 2011, 23:30

Name: Draighean - "Black Thorn"

Age: Age Unknown.

Species: Wolf.

Breed: Descendant of the great Dire wolves.

Gender: Male.

Description: Draighean is large, almost doubling the average size of a female wolf, larger than any wolf of any gender that he has ever met and probably will ever meet. When seen from the distance, he looks much like a black bear, and he is often mistaken for such. His eyes change from black to red and his coat is black and white (see picture). This male is extremely well muscled and will fight for his life, and most likely win, against just about anyone.

Height: About the size of an average black bear.

History: Draighean was raised for battle. His father and mother were betas in a very well-known and deadly pack. They roamed much land, for they were always overtaking land from other packs. Draighean was raised to be a killer, trained to be a stalker, one who hunts and kills a certain wolf that has been put on the death list. Much like humans have snipers and secret agents. Draighean is very good at what he does, killing that is. And he is not afraid to take on any challenge. When he reached the age of three, he decided to set out and find his own way. He was tired of taking orders and being confined to those orders. He was eventually captured by humans, who marveled at his ridiculously large size. They had never seen a wolf his size and wanted to breed him to help them in battle. The humans said amongst themselves that Draighean was not just wolf, but a demon wolf-bear. A blackthorn, their prophecies called him. And here he was, something out of legend, walking among them now. They prized him and kept him in a small stall in a barn and people would pay to come and see him. Draighean took the torture day in and day out, just waiting until the time he would be able to seek revenge. And now, after he had escaped, he's found his revenge, on the world in general. He rules a land called Africa, with Crepusculum at his side as Queen. And they intend to make their breed the only breed in power.

Personality: Do not anger this male. Seriously, don't. Even the slightest word out of line can set him off. And he is not afraid to kill anyone, wolf, horse, or human. He doesn't like anyone and he always has an attitude. However, he wants you to take it personally so I'm not going to say don't. Draighean is a very vile canine, and he knows that he is evil and deadly, and he uses every second of it to his advantage.

Image (optional):
Draighean Blackandwhitewolf
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