New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Name: Inception, "Sepp".

Age: 2 years old.

Species: Equine.

Breed: Pegasus.

Gender: Mare.

Description: Inception is black, pure black, with black wings and mane and tail. Her eyes tend to change from black to red, depending on her mood. Her wings are slightly tattered and have not healed themselves since they were injured. She is about 17 hands and growing.

Height: 17 hh.

History: Sepp was raised by a lone mother who was as dark as the depths of hell. Hatred fueled her mother's life, gave her drive. Inception never met her father, though her mother told her many times that he was one of the most evil creatures she had ever met. Inception and her mother parted ways when she turned one year old. During her journey, her smart mouth and hateful outlook on life got her into many problems. The last fight she was in left her wings useless until they heal. She took on two stallions as they had tried to force her. Obviously, the two stallions injured her greatly but she managed to get away.

Personality: Witty, scarcastic, cunning. She is a bitch, through-and-through. Hatred for everything fuels her every being. Stallions, in general, irritate her with just a look at them. She hates pretty much everyone and it takes a lot to break through her protective wall. Due to her young age, she is still learning to control her anger, and her emotions in general.

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