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 Capall Rince

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PostSubject: Capall Rince   Capall Rince EmptyThu Jan 13 2011, 23:10

Name: Capall Rince - "Dancing Horse"

Age: 3 years old.

Species: Equine.

Breed: Akhal-Teke.

Gender: Mare.

Description: (please see picture) A distinct feature to Capall Rince is much like that of her cousin, Dawna. Her coat, no matter the light or time of day, glimmers as if it is metallic. She is always clean, and never has a hair out of place.

Height: 16.2 hh.

History: Capall Rince comes from a very normal herd. She was born to one of the common mares, though her sire was the lead stallion, as it usually happens. Nothing special ever happened to her, except she was born with a special attribute, much like her distant relative, Dawna. Her coat glitters, unlike any that she had seen in her home herd. They thought her different, and shunned her slightly. When she was old enough to be alone, she left the herd and has now found her way to Freedoms Palace and she is searching for a home.

Personality: Capall Rince is very kind and friendly. She loves all and will go out of her way to please anyone, as well as help any who need it. Her happiness is usually quite catching, and she loves to laugh and have fun. She accepts all, except those who have done wrong to her, or those she is close to.

Image (optional):
Capall Rince Akhal_teke1
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Capall Rince
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