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PostSubject: Asad   Asad EmptyThu Jan 13 2011, 23:06

Name: Asad - "Lion"

Age: 5 years old.

Species: Equine.

Breed: Gyspy Vanner.

Gender: Stallion.

Description: Asad is large and stocky, like all draft breeds. His coat is mainly white, with black with a black tail and a black and white mane. His eyes are blue. His stocky torso connects to thick legs that have feathers beginning around his knees and falling to his hooves.

Height: 18 hh.

History: Asad comes from a herd of small horses, smaller than him, anyways. They took him in when he was only a colt, having been abandoned by his mother for some unknown reason. He never found out the reason, though he has always searched for the answer. As he aged, he worked his way up to the position of king, which seemed to be proper considering he was indeed much larger than the other horses that were around him. The small breed began to diminish, as the old ones died and the young ones left to find their own, or create their own, herds. He was once the ruler of the land Africa in Freedom's Palace, but he left that land and is now in search of a new home, or trying to decide to return to his old one.

Personality: Raised to be tolerant, due to the smaller ones around him, Asad is normally very quite. He rarely speaks out against another unless he feels strongly about his opinion. He appears to be slightly standoffish and will rarely approach another unless he feels a dire need to do so. Generally, Asad is easy to get along with and tries to get along with everyone, though there are few that he cannot bother to be around.

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