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 Roaring Rivers

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Name: Roaring Rivers, "Rivers"

Age: 4 years old.

Species: Equine.

Breed: Gypsy Vanner Cross.

Gender: Stallion.

Description: Rivers is a large gypsy vanner stallion, standing at about 19 hands high. He has very intelligent eyes, and they are oddly colored a dark green. His coat is a light brown, with a white face and splashes of white across his chest and his stomach. His mane and tail are pitch black. The feathers around his hooves are white.

Height: 19 hh

History: Roaring Rivers comes from an ancient bloodline of horses that trace back to the beginning of time. Though the exact origins are unknown, the Acent horses were always known to be wise. The descendants can access the knowledge of their ancestors and use it to their own will. This includes memories of specific relatives. Rivers and his brother, Thundering Rocks, are two of the last of their kind. The other are hidden, scattered throughout the word, holding their powerful knowledge secret so none can use it for wrong.

Personality: Rivers is wise, and charming. He has much knowledge and avoids conflicts as much as possible. He is kind and gentle, though he can be stern and demanding if it is needed.

Image (optional):
Roaring Rivers April122009-498--brown-stallion

image made by me. please do not use.
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Roaring Rivers
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