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PostSubject: Caligo   Caligo EmptyTue Jan 11 2011, 19:17

Name: Caligo ; meaning:dimness or obscurity of sight

Age: 3 years old.

Species: Equine.

Breed: Arabian.

Gender: Mare.

Description: Caligo is truly beautiful. She is dapple gray with a dark gray mane and tail. Her eyes are a gorgeous dark brown. Her face is elegantly dished in the classic arabian form and her muzzle is dainty. Her neck arches beautifully and her tail is always raised in a refined manner.

Height: 15 hh

History: Caligo was born into a normal herd to the King and Queen. She was never quite the same as her mother, who was happy and cheerful. Caligo was more of a brooding, dark type. As she aged, she became more quick-witted and sarcastic. A few months ago, she got in to a fight with her father, the herd's King, and she was banished, badly injured, but her pride was not hurt. She had injured her father greatly in return, probably worse than she had been injured.

Personality: Sarcastic and sharp describes Caligo pretty well, and that is being nice. She is a b&%*#. However, if you get on her good side, you will have a loyal friend, or even lover.

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PostSubject: Re: Caligo   Caligo EmptyTue Jan 11 2011, 19:49


Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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