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 The Great Plains Wolf

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The Great Plains Wolf Empty
PostSubject: The Great Plains Wolf   The Great Plains Wolf EmptyThu Jan 06 2011, 15:55

Name: Great Plains

Species:]Wolf only

Colours: They have a coat of gray, black or buff with reddish coloring.

Height: 3-3.5 ft., shoulder height (estimate).

Basic History: The great plains, or Buffalo wolves were among the largest wolves to ever step foot on the earth. They were actually quite social, and traveled in packs made up of thirty or more of their kind quite often. However, when settlers came to their lands and hunted the buffalo, they lost much of their food, and moved westward with their Native American counterparts. Eventually, they began dying off. However, the others of their kind adapted, and hunted elk instead. Thanks to many of the men then though, they were still hunted, since they posed a danger to the people sharing their land with them. Many still managed to survive, and they continued to thrive after humans began ceasing fire and letting them hunt where man hunted as well.

Habitat:On plains, and in valleys, as well as forests and mountains. Some even like the coast.

Quick Facts: These fellows are some of the largest wolves, and their litters were composed of anywhere between 2 to 8 pups.

Link to more info: none

Picture: The Great Plains Wolf Great_plains_wolf_1
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The Great Plains Wolf
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