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PostSubject: Cadifor   Cadifor EmptyMon Jan 10 2011, 18:24

Name: Cadifor, "Caddy" to those he knows well.

Age: 7 years old.

Species: Equine

Breed: Gypsy Vanner / Percheron / Cross

Gender: Stallion

Description: Cadifor is large and bulky, looking for clumsy and cumbersome but he is actually rather graceful. His coat is mainly silver, with a white face, white front right leg, white back legs, and black mane and tail. His eyes are brown and he looks very regal and like a king in general.

Height: 17.2 hands

History: Cadifor was born in to a herd of great power, and he learned quickly to learn how to use your power to your every advantage. He struck out on his own to start his own herd at the age of 4 because living in his family's herd was growing monotonous and boring. He wanted the excitement of having power over others and starting his own family, if possible.

Now, he is king of Faoi Thionchar.

Personality: Though he is generally a great stallion inside and out, Cadifor does have his flaws. He is extremely loving and forgiving and does not get angered very easily. However, when he does get angered, it would be wise for any of those who think they can take him, to think twice. Otherwise, Cadifor is a wonderful stallion, leader, and ally to have.

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PostSubject: Re: Cadifor   Cadifor EmptyTue Jan 11 2011, 19:51


Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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