New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Armada   Armada EmptySun Jan 09 2011, 21:30

Username: Epona

Preferred method of contact: something obvious is the best way to contact me. PM is fine. I never check my email.


Name: Armada.

Age: Ageless.

Species: Equine

Breed: Hellion-Demon.

Gender: Mare.

Description: Armada is a large, extremely large mare, due to her bloodlines. She is well-muscled and knows how to use her size to her advantage and to win. Her body is black; mane and tail are black with a dark red shade throughout. Her eyes are white, and they glow when she feels any type of emotion, mainly fury.

Height: 24.3 hh

History: Many years ago, Armada was born the foal of a normal mare. Her mother had been seduced by VooDoo, the right-hand of Satan him self, a pure demon that chose to take on the form of a horse. Her father was never in the picture, for he was always in Hell doing the devil's bidding. Her mother tried to hide the truth from her, tried to hide who she really was. But as Armada aged, her power began to show and her mother grew slightly fearful. Once Armada reached maturity, she her growth slowed to almost nothing.

The herd that Armada and her mother resided in became weary of the mare that never aged. As her mother grew older and started to wither away, Armada remained youthful and healthy, when she should have showed at least some signs of aging. They questioned the two of them and Armada finally found out the truth about who her father was, and who she was. The herd members, so frightened, decided the only solution was to kill them both. At the threat to her mother, Armada unleashed powers that she did not even know she had.

When Armada recovered from her black-out, everyone was dead, including her mother. She set out on her own, heartless and full of hatred, trying to find her own way in the world. She met one particularly special stallion named Corus and birthed a pair of twins, Shattered and Trainwreck. She had not seen either for quite some time but Shattered has chosen the side of light and Trainwreck has taken the complete opposite.

Personality: Armada is nearly uncontrollable at times. Her attitude is cynical and normally very sarcastic and rude. She does not get along well with other. Armada has learned to control her self and has not lost control of her powers for a while. She will kill if needed and does not give up anything that she has worked hard for. Armada is a fighter and never gives up. Normally, she can read others pretty well, and judges them fairly, but hardly ever does she trust and let any one in to her emotional side.

Image: Armada Demon_Horse_by_Kaytara
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Please post in Taken Names with a link.


Kanny xD
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