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PostSubject: Dakarai   Dakarai EmptySat Jan 08 2011, 21:22

Name: Dakarai

Age: 3

Species: Wolf

Breed: African Wild Dog

Gender: Brute

Description: Dakarai has a light golden base color with spots on his sides. The spots have a black outline but are white on the inside. He also has some on his shoulders and hind quarters. All four of Dakarai's legs are pure white. Most of his face is black, and he has light brown eyes. His tail is golden, black and white on the tip. He is a lot smaller than Kwame.

Height: 2.5ft at the back

History: Dakarai was found as an abandoned pup by a two year old brute wanting to start a pack. When Dakarai was a year old, they got just that chance. Finding a perfect spot on Mount. Kilimanjaro, they had a massive pack of twenty. One day when Dakarai was out hunting for the pack, some lions came and killed everyone off but Kwame. He was the only one left and wounded terribly when Dakarai got there. The lions were sidetracked and left, and the younger wolf nursed his friend back to health. After that, they left, in search of something more. His leader had never been the same since before the tragedy.

Personality: Dakarai is kind and more submissive than his older friend. He is rather friendly to everyone and is good with females. He is a good beta and is protective of his pack, helping them in any way he can. Dakarai is good with pups, since he had to watch them most of the time and wants some of his own someday. He's a real sweetie, and he wouldn't hurt a fly. He looks up to Kwame as a role model and authority figure.


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PostSubject: Re: Dakarai   Dakarai EmptySat Jan 08 2011, 21:30


Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD

P.S. What a cutie XD
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