New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Name: Amani

Age: Ageless

Species: Horse

Breed: Vampire Friesian

Gender: Stallion

Description: Amani's build is rather wide and drafty. The legs of his are strong and very muscular with sturdy feet. The stallion had a wide chest that is in proportion with his long legs. Amani has a long, untrimmed mane and tail with a long forelock that partially covers his left eye. The stag has prominent and kind eyes which are the color of emerald. He has fairly small, acute ears that are always perked, looking for the slightest amount of danger. Amani has a pelt of jet black, and his mane and tail are hued the same color.

Height: 18hh

History: Amani has had a history of happiness but sorrow all the same. His grandsire was a hellion, but his father possessed more horse like characteristics and was kinder. His mother was a Friesian mare, big in stature, and his father was a half hellion Friesian stallion. His father thought he was a disgrace to the family, so he kicked him out of the herd as a yearling, instead of being two years of age. The throne was given to his younger brother instead of him because he was not superior to the younger stallion. Maddened by his father's decision, he traveled the world, through mountains and beautiful waterfalls. The past means nothing to him now; it is just insignificant. What happened next was very significant though. He went to Alaknanda and met his queen, Erosaf, who he had a foal with a couple years later. The moment the colt was birthed, a rabid fox bit Amani. It drove him crazy, causing him to kill horses, force mares, and stir up havoc. Right when he was about to die, a lone vampire stag drew blood from him and made him a vampire too. He now lives in Snowy River Forest permanently as a sub herder.

Personality: Amani is rather charming with mares but never gives them his affections. He's been nothing more than just a good friend to him because he thinks that love will just bring heart break as it did with his family. He's not shy and likes to talk but won't fight another stag unless provoked. There was only one mare, back in his homelands that he had ever loved, and she is now gone from his mind just like his family. He is kind to other stallions and likes to know the current news by speaking with them. Amani can be rather unforgiving and is known to hold grudges if someone has been mean to him or has wrongly accused him of something. He can be cold to those who he doesn't favor at all, and he is loving and gentle to those he does open his heart to.

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