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PostSubject: Sangita   Sangita EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 22:08

Name: Sangita

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Mecklenburg horse

Gender: Mare

Description: Sangita is a red dun mare with socks on each leg. She has a dorsal stripe that comes from the beginning of her withers to the end of her frame. The fae has a blaze that extends down to the tip of her maw and is shaped as a heart at the top. Her nose is a bit small and dished, but her head is very in proportion. Sangita has a long beautiful neck with perfectly set on shoulders. Her mane and tail are a perfect shade of dark red. The eye color that she possesses is a grayish purple color. Sangita's movement flows like a river, showing off her nearly perfect conformation. She is very feminine and not built strong like some mares.

Height: 15.3hh

History: Sangita had been in the training with humans all her life and had learned to love and accept them. She was their prized conformational joy, and they seemed to think her temperament was good enough to be a grand prix horse. When they started her in her training, they noticed that they were right about her being the perfect horse. In about three months after their training had started, Sangita fell down in training and killed the person that always rode her. The mother of the girl was not experienced with horses and did not know this was an accident, so Sangita was released into the wild to fend for herself. Barely a three year old, she is trying to find a place for herself in this world. And, she did, very well. She traveled to a coastal land and found it beautiful. As she began to talk with the king, she found that he was the king of all and that she liked him very much. One day, she told him that she loved him and asked for a foal. Ashton gave her all she desired, and she began to raise the hope of the world, young Alston. When Eleven caught tale of Sangita being the new queen of all, she killed herself, and Sangita felt so regretful that she ran away for a few weeks, returning to him a bit happier. She will never leave him.

Personality: Sangita is a mare that is young and a bit naive. The fae believes in things that are only good, not evil. She think that there is a bit of good in every horse. Although she is young and beautiful, she has a lot to learn. She is quite flirtatious and good with stallions, but she never got a real chance because there were only two stallions at her old farm. The young fae is happy and hyper a lot, like a young one should be. She loves other horses and falls in and out of love too easily. She dreams of a day when another will come into her life, and her ambition is to come in contact with humans again, but she doesn't know how they are around here.

Image (optional): Sangita Chestnut_horse_by_fintron-d3fyyvq
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