New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Fantasma   Fantasma EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 21:54

Name: Fantasma

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Alicorn

Gender: Stallion

Description: The stag is jet black with no sign of white on his body. Everything about him sets him apart from all the others. Fantasma has orbs of blue, but they are red when he is angered. His mane and tail also have the color of ebony. He has not a scar on his body, but he is not untouchable.

Height: 18hh

History: Fantasma has a lineage of Alicorns in his blood with the occasional hellion. The stag has some demon lineage also. He is enormous and towers over most horses he encounters. His life began in an all snow climate which he fared well in. At a young age, Fantasma took over his parents and became the king of the territory. He was stronger than them, and they did not mind him having it. The stag had nearly twenty mares at the age of two, of all breeds. They were all treated the same, with affection and some love. Many were mad that he was reluctant to get a queen. He kind of favored having many mares and not choosing. His abilities made him wanted by the mares very much. At a year of age, he found that he defend himself with his horn and could fly. No others were as talented as he in his herd. He became very conceited because of this. After a while, he figured that they were all not good enough for him in his youth and inexperience. Later in life, he put away his selfish ways and began helping those in need. He stayed on a mountaintop for the next two years of his life. Fantasma spent them in silence and had no one to take care of. He grew tired of this life and decided he'd fly around the world. He met the kings of all in many lands and their queens. Although they wished to go with him, he would only travel alone. Fantasma believes that he is a wanderer without a destiny, but he does not know that he will love the lands to which he wanders. Soon, he came to a land called Faoi Thionchar, which he tried to take and almost succeeded. After that, he went to a land he named Aonar Ciunas for it peaceful alone-time which he claimed. There he stays with his nice herd of five, thriving on the queen Omeya.

Personality: Fantasma is quiet and does not talk much but listens more than anything. He's not shy, and he listens more than he actually speaks. He rarely tells others about his history and lineage; he lets them suspect whatever they want. When horses get to know him, he is loyal and kind. To his mares, he likes to surprise them romantically and cares deeply for them. He moves in silence and cannot be detected or smelt at all. Fantasma appears to be dark and evil, but he is really the opposite. His kindness is evident within his smile.

Image (optional): Fantasma Black_pegasus_by_skye_fyre-d4ii65l

-Imagine the horn in the pic. Old one expired
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