New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Julianna   Julianna EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 21:33

Name: Julianna

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: American Saddlebred

Gender: Mare

Description: Juli is a fairly young Saddlebred mare. Her eyes are green and she is a dark chestnut. Her mane and tail are the same color as her body. Her form is light, meant for speed but not like that of a Thoroughbred. Her legs are slender and her movement is flowing and beautiful. Juli has socks on 3/4 of her feet. She has a blaze on her face and light dappling on her belly in the summer.

Height: 15.3hh

History: Juli came from the grasslands, where life was good. The only predators that lived there were the occasional coyote. In he herd, she was always the one that taught the other foals because she's very good at explaining things. She left at the age of two to find out things for her own, but she found that she knew many things. She met her mate and true love in Alaknanda when she went to find a king. He was Thowra, the creamy hellion from Snowy River Forest. They fell in love, and she became his queen. They had one foal together, Maura, and she grew up to look almost just like her father.

Personality: Juli is a bit darker than most non evil mares. She keeps to herself and is very smart. She believes that many others are kind, and analyzes all points of the situation before deciding. Juli has a lot of common sense and tries to stay out of trouble. She isn't really loyal to her herd and will sometimes go off for unknown amounts of time. To many, she is a wanderer, but she does have a fixed location. She is shy but very artistic. Juli doesn't love blindly, and every stag will have to gain her trust before she goes with them.

Image (optional): Julianna Race___In_Progress_by_Nightwolfemp
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