New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Name: Crepusculum

Age: 3

Species: Wolf

Breed: Dire Wolf

Gender: She-wolf

Description: No one knows who or what she is. Her dark names means dusk, twilight. Crepusculum is black, reddish brown, and white. Odd markings cover her body, and she's always serious looking. Dotted patterns with very different black and white contrasts on her side appear. Her orbs are warming yet cold. Her claws are razor sharp, as are her teeth. Crepusculum is very muscular and long legged, mostly from her days as a wanderer.

Height: 5ft at the back

History: Crepusculum doesn't know where she came from exactly, just that she doesn't come from where she is now. The beauty had parents....she thinks, but she doesn't really remember that either. A spell was put on her recently to not know things from her past, to know nothing at all. She doesn't want to remember it though, she really doesn't. Well, that was before her next major fight. In a battle with her subject, Dakota, she regained all her memories in Dire wolf country, the place she had grown up as the roughest, toughest female. In that battle, she crushed her opponent and became the Alpha of Africa. She felt desperate for choosing a king from Alaknanda, but she had no choice, not if she wanted to keep the land. Finally, after hours of thinking things over, she chose Draighean, another Dire Wolf, as her mate. They were perfectly matched: Sadistic, evil, and hating. They went on to live happily and have six pups of their own from the first litter.

Personality: Crep is a bit dark, very evil. She doesn't really talk much, and she's really tough. Crepusculum likes the night, and she really only travels by it. She doesn't really care about whether it's hot or whether it's cold. Nothing bothers her at all.

Image (optional): Crepusculum Silk_by_IceKrystal
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