New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Name: Andromeda

Age: Endlessly Aged

Species: Horse

Breed: Goddess

Gender: Mare

Description: Andromeda is different than most. She is nothing less than a pure celestial mare. Special properties come with that, but you'd have to meet her to find out what those are. She has a majestic long, flowing tail and gentle blue eyes. Star like dots are upon her body, and painted marks are upon her form. Celestial swirls are upon her legs. Her tassels are purest ivory.

Height: 18hh

History: Andromeda was made within the heavens, watching over the stars and all the universes. She controls the constellations, and knows all the stars by name. The night she brings, and she thrives in it. In her past, only one terrorized her; a stallion named Hydrus. It is her goal to someday take his life once and for all so that he cannot wreak havoc over the world any longer. Never has she felt the love of a stallion, nor does she have any wish to. She will know when the right one comes. Indeed, she did. One day, she stumbled upon a land owned by the young king, Walker. Instantly, they connected, becoming lovers in a matter of weeks. Andromeda was chosen as the queen of the gorgeous coastal land and rules to this day in his loving gaze.

Personality: Andromeda is extremely intelligent, and is very wise and unworldly. She sees the bigger things of life, not just love and foals. There are greater things to her. She is gentle to all, unless they speak badly of her. Rare is her temper, but when it is there, it is viscous. Andromeda is brave, but does not try to show other's her talents unless they wish to know of them. She keeps to herself, but she will stand up for the good in any battle. Andromeda is dark sometimes, but she has never been evil. She watches all she can, and she protects those she can.

Image (optional): Andromeda 2583663530100948133S600x600Q85
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