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 Carpe Diem

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PostSubject: Carpe Diem   Carpe Diem EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:32

Name: Carpe Diem

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Shagya Arabian

Gender: Mare

Description: Carpe Diem is a pure golden hue that darkens at her flanks, legs, and back. Dapples caress her golden bodice, thick and rich like the sun themselves. Carpe has a bald face, white extending down all the way to her nose. She has four stockings on her legs, coming up to join her painted markings. She has a curly white mane and tail. She has pretty blue eyes.

Height: 15.2hh

History: Carpe comes from the same breeding farm as Spanish Rose, who was previously her best friend before they split up. They met each other and first were looking for the same home together. One day, they both went wandering, getting lost and ending up elsewhere. Carpe Diem came back home to her stallion, Heart of Gold, but Spanish Rose went somewhere else, Carpe thinks, looking for something new. Now, Carpe resides with her mate in the Gemdas.

Personality: Carpe is a perfectionist and tries to be perfect all the time. She is super classy and beautiful to everyone who sees her. She is loving and sweet to all, and she loves all the mares in her herd, like Mabaya. She got along well with Angelica, too, but she left the lands after Exile took over.

Image (optional): Carpe Diem Hom_1
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Carpe Diem
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