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 Wild Huntress

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Wild Huntress Empty
PostSubject: Wild Huntress   Wild Huntress EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:08

Username: alamandy
Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Wild Huntress

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Lipizzan


Description: she has a black coat, mane and tail as well black. eyes are purple and she has a dark gray heart on her rump.

Height: 16.3

History: It all started when i was a day old, i was going to be a war horse i hated that word. A woman came in and grabbed me and dragged me to a trailer to be taken away to the country. There i was pulling plows as soon as i was there for the next year i was pushed to the limit even being hellion did not help for i was worked till i could not work any more that day. in a training ring one time i reared up and came down on the guys shoulders killing him there and that started my name off. a mounth or so later a person i did not know came in and wanted a horse they showed him all the horses and not me till he asked about me. so i was sold to this guy for a war and by now the word i loved more. i am now three and i was used as a war horse then i played nice for a little then reared as the next horse came past and landed on there back and called out in my rage most of the horses and humans there was hurt by the time i had goten rid of my rider and galloped for the wild lands.

after a time i settled down but was stolen twice and i am now with a vampire stallion and has a foal name Hellfire at foot.

Personality: Wild Huntress was outgoing and would hunt down stags she did not like but that was before she came to FP and settled down now she is nice, sweet, can be mean some times but has retaned her evil side which rarely shows its self. she is caring towards to foal but that is about it.

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Wild Huntress
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