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 Dragon Wing

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PostSubject: Dragon Wing   Dragon Wing EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 19:49

Username: alamandy

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Dragon Wing

Age: 7

Species: Horse

Breed: Winged

Gender: Male

Description: He is black with dark red wings that look like a dragons. his eyes are blood red

Height: 18

History: he had forgotten it all but when he was young a herd of evil horse came thought the land and killed every one but. his dragon like wings saved him from them as he flew up in to the sky. he has not talked to another horse in years. also someing in his past put evil in him although he does not know it.
He became friends with Moonslight and ended up owning Misty Mountains. but then came Blade who fught and won a fight and took Dragons wings land and mare. but after a time he got it all back and then his brother Demonbane who told him about what really went on back when they were young.

Personality: Dragon Wing is sweet and caring towards his mare. Dragon Wing is nice but can be mean. also because of Dragon Wings past he has an unknow side even to him and if something like what happened to him when he was young he could change for the worst.

Image (optional): he don't have one yet

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Dragon Wing
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