New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Yemph Empty
PostSubject: Yemph   Yemph EmptyThu Apr 04 2013, 19:03

Yemph is a foal, only one year old. His family has abused him all of his life. Yemph still lives with them though. Little did he know that his family were actually demons in disguise. These were no normal demons. They were demons capable of possessing 100 horses all at once. Yemph knew that something was wrong. He thought ''This is my family? No family would ever do this to me!'' So, he has been trying to keep his distance from them but, it is supposed to be his family. Right? Wrong! Yemph knew that his family was possessed! But by what? Who? Why??

Dubbed ;;
Age ;;
Gender ;;
Title/Rank ;;
Land ;;
Herd ;;

Coat ;;
Mane & Tail ;; Erase this if a wolf
Eyes ;;
Height ;;
Markings ;;
Scars ;;
Daggers ;;
Horn ;;
Wings ;;

Breed ;;
Percentage ;;
Dam ;;
Grandsire ;;
Granddam ;;
Sire ;;
Grandsire ;;
Granddam ;;
Brothers ;;
Sisters ;;

Friends ;;
Enemies ;;
Sons ;;
Daughters ;;

History ;;

Personality ;;
Alliance ;;
Languages ;;
Temperament ;;
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Yemph Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yemph   Yemph EmptySun Apr 07 2013, 14:52

I did pretty damn good if i do say myself! Hmmmmm kanny??? XD
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