New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Safe But Weak ((pups acoming))

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Safe But Weak ((pups acoming)) Empty
PostSubject: Safe But Weak ((pups acoming))   Safe But Weak ((pups acoming)) EmptyTue Mar 26 2013, 19:45

She was glad entirely that Sarabi and the others had welcomed her and her older pups into their homeland for the time being. All of them were growing up to be stronger now, but she had remained thin and weak, due to the pups that had been taking all the food from her inside her very being. Now though she knew that it was time that more of Soul Render’s pups were unleashed into the world. She hoped against all the odds that they would be like her, and not like their bully of a cowardly father.

Sarabi had managed to find a small cave that she could rest in, while the other wolves were out in the wild weather. Gem could not believe how kind they had all been to her since she had arrived, considering she had brought several new mouths to feed with her. At this present she had not been able to hunt at all.

Gem sighed, resting on her side, waiting for things to come and go as these things did. At least she was an experienced wolf now. She smiled though, waiting the time out. It took several hours but eventually, there were eight little puppies snuggling up to her. None of them were still born. Though names were something she was short of at the moment.
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Safe But Weak ((pups acoming)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Safe But Weak ((pups acoming))   Safe But Weak ((pups acoming)) EmptySat Mar 30 2013, 17:11

Heaving sides came into the clearing of the beautiful coastline, lapping waves lingering at her feet. Around her gathered nine pups - all filled with joy and happiness as they wrestled with one another on the warm, sandy shores of what she liked to call heaven. Or at least as close as she would get with all these duties and responsibilities to uphold and problems to respond to. It gave her purpose though, and it gave her something to do during the day other than hunt for the children. It was quite a job for her - seeing as three of the pups were of the deceased elderly beta. And, of course, the males could not provide milk.

She heard something rustling around in the bushes, and quietly she stalked off to see what is was. "Come with me, children," she said quietly, and they all sensed a seriousness about her and followed easily behind her in a line. Something was up, and Nala was determined to find out what that something was - she needed to know if it was a threat or if it was an ally.

Once inside the cave, Nala felt bad for intruding. There were eight little puppies there - just one less than what she had to take care of. "Look, it's puppies like us!" said Camena, rushing forward to where her mother stood. "Let's go play with them!" said Ochladenie. "No, Ochladenie. You may not go play with them. They are too young. They are a few weeks younger than you," said Nala in a scolding tone.

"I am sorry for interrupting, Gem," she said softly. "Is there any way I can help you?" she asked, wagging her tail slightly.
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Safe But Weak ((pups acoming))
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