New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Himalia   Himalia EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 19:34

Name: Himalia

Age: 5

Species: Horse

Breed: Unicorn

Gender: Mare

Description: Purest of ivory is she, and her eyes are black, like the rest of the Unicorns. Unlike them, she has a shimmering glow of the water glistening around her pelt. She is more delicate bodied than most of them, since water requires no force and all flow. Instead of strength, she has her wit and speed, as well as her special powers.

Height: 16.1hh

History: Himalia didn't come around much and speak with the other unicorns. She enjoyed standing close to them, listening to them, but she didn't speak. Himalia was a bit afraid to say, but she liked a stag from a distant land. He died in battle, and it tore her inside. Himalia still said nothing. All the others were kind to her, even though they did not know her. They formed together as a council of the unicorns from their old lands of Seutkan. Many herds of unicorns lived upon there, and the highest ranking unicorns formed a council of five to govern over the others. After chaos, they fled, making their herd in a new place. Then, they decided, they would split up finally, going on their separate ways. Some of the group didn't agree though.

Personality: Himalia is very shy and harmless. She is scared of stallions outside of her group and thinks that she can get hurt very easily. Although Himalia gets told she's beautiful a lot, she's not quite sure yet. She never loved...only had a little crush on a stallion from a distant herd. He wasn't even royalty, just the gamma's foal. He was gone from Himalia's heart though in a day, but his memory lingered. Himalia rather likes the night a lot. She figures it's safer since there's not many coming or going at night. Himalia is very smart despite her silence.

Image (optional): Himalia Moonlight_Unicorn_by_Ironshod
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