New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open)

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To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) Empty
PostSubject: To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open)   To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) EmptyMon Mar 11 2013, 17:44

When dew drops sparkle in the grass
And earth is a flood of morning light
A black bird sings upon a bush
To greet the dawning after light
And I know how fine it is...
To live

Soft and lucid did tresses of silken ebony cascade upon the thin shoulders, caressing them with an affection never witnessed by the gentle storm hued pools. Few moons had they seen, in comparison to the mountains that caught the rain as it first fell from the heavens. Even less were the summers that had passed those same gentle pools, for not a silver thread of hair was flecked upon her radiance.

Last night, the nightingale had spoken in her sleep of dreams and promises that earth would only fulfill after the third spring. An end of innocence, mother always used to refer to it as when the grasses called deeply to the senses, to the new child of sunlight.

Confused was she, though, as she was no child any longer. Though sunlight caressed her bright bay pelt, it had been long since she tasted the sublime taste of sweet milk from a mother or strode next to a benefactor. So long had it been that the memories were faded and hazy as she thought of them, wondering simply if they actually happened. Childhood was sweet and pleasant, but it was always short lived. So many wished to returned to it, but why would one wish such a thing? Was it not more significant to move forward?

Like a bird was she, never venturing into the real world. Perhaps, that was why she was but a child to the earth; she had not seen even a quarter of the beauties it had to offer.

Tahila was mesmerized by the perfect river, drifting from the muddy bank as light sprinkles of rain threatened to add more flooding to the area. Since she wasn't familiar to the region, she was not impressed by the clear water-drops that descended from the medium gray clouds above. Where she had once thrived, rain had not been an oddity and pleasure but more a bother.

That just shows how much you know about life, for water gives life a voice echoed in her mind. Immediately, she felt sorrowful for thinking so badly of the hand of mother nature. Oh, how she blessed them daily.

Not knowing what laid before her, she took a tentative step into the shining still waters. They were as cool as they were clear and shimmering, reflecting sunlight off of them easily. From the sky, the river must be blinding and beautiful - easy to spot for one who used their wings as transport. She much preferred to walk though, for didn't the fliers miss much of the beauty from the sky?

As burdened as she felt from what was growing inside her...or at least, what she thought was growing inside of her, she couldn't help but feel a sort of enlightened feeling as she plodded along a well beaten path. There were many horses, but she didn't know who to speak to. Maybe, they were friendly and could tell her where she was. So many of them were friendly where she had wandered, but just as many had horrid intentions that were unspeakable to the harks of innocent ones. Even she had encountered them, and one had done something horrible to her.

Something she could not take back.

Something that all stags would certainly shun her for.

Fear was not of her nature though, and surely, not all stags were as brutal as those that she had seen as wanderers. Bachelor stags. They reproduced in any fashion that they saw fit, as survival of the fittest was, indeed passing your genes around before someone could beat you to it, after all. She had been another carrier of children. Sick was her stomach, and it was knotted up as she stood before many of her kind. Were any like her? Dreamers in a reality?

Coming to a halt, she admired the landscape as she awaited to meet someone. Only fate could decide who that would be.

The world is full of loveliness

ooc; salmon color xD i like it
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To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open)   To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) EmptyTue Mar 12 2013, 01:47

He had, he believed, found peace here, in the accepting, welcoming arms of Freedoms Palace. He was not native to this land – oh, no. Like countless others, he had escaped from a life not to his liking, escaped from a world of politics and a place where image was everything. He had found joy, indeed, from a land where no one had any expectations of him, where he could be himself – whatever that entailed.

Before, he used to be what others would term a Royal. A Prince, of his kingdom, ruler of more than a thousand equines. Others would be envious of his place in the High Society, as that fought with all their might to claw their way up from the dregs of society itself.

However, Ramil found it anything but fulfilling. The life of riches, he found, was a mere illusion. Only those who lived the life itself would be able to understand the pressing expectations that had weighed his young soldiers down, the need to put on a mask every single hour of the day, lest his People saw his worry and fatigue.

Others might have found it intruiging.

Ramil merely found it stifling.

The stallion with ebony tresses and an ebony pelt had longed, all his life, to escape from the grasps of this pretence that was slowly driving him to madness. It was not his nature to mask his feelings, to restrain himself and speak in careful, modulated tones, measuring every single world that he spoke.

No, he was more outspoken than that. Every emotion he felt swam within his dark eyes – eyes that were so open, still so innocent, despite knowing the darkest parts of the world. His was not a spirit that could be hidden and restrained. His soul was akin to that of a bird, spreading its wings, trying – trying so hard to take flight. And now he had.

The stallion that stepped into Alaknanda River today, was not the same stallion that had done so moons ago, arriving here after fleeing from his homeland, as it burned to the ground. A homeland he had not even fought to protect.

Even so that heinous crime weighed him down, Ramil, conversely, felt a little bit lighter, a little bit happier, a little bit freer.

It was remarkable, he mused, the way these lands could heal. The way they accepted everyone, be they Dark or Light. The way they held so much potential, so much choice.

Thunder rumbled ominously in the sky, even as the heavens opened, and light sprinkles of the life-giving liquid pitter-pattered down upon the thriving land. Ramil shook himself, snorting a little in amusement. Every single time he had stepped into the River, it had rained. But then again, every single time he had stepped into this land, he had always found a heart-companion.

So, maybe, it was just meant to be.

The scent of a mare caught his scent, and he immediately followed it, surprised, and a little pleased, to find one such as himself, who enjoyed the rain. The black stallion trotted easily up a small slope, towards an, admittedly, plain bay mare. Oh, plain she might be, but it did not deter him at all from her simple beauty.


His eyes widened. Was she pregnant? Where was the stallion that had sired that life growing within her young belly?

Ramil might not be as smart, but he did pride himself on his instincts. And his instincts told him that something… unmentionable had occurred to this lovely lady.

Eyes softening with concern, Ramil bowed to her, smiling hesitantly.

“Nice time for a stroll, don’t you think? I’m glad to see that someone else likes the rain! I’m Ramil, by the way. Might I know your name?”

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To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open)   To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) EmptySat Mar 30 2013, 20:21

Life anew.

Daily horrors were conquered and shadows of the past effaced in the ripples of the river, washed away to never be seen again. Running water sleeping on rocks cleansed the vile mud in the river as days and nights cleansed them. But was the mud that was supposedly cleansed ever any true threat? Was the past a problem that needed to be vanquished, or was it just a matter to be accepted and forgotten? Truly, it could never be forgotten, but its severity could dull with time.

Any creature could achieve purity in such a tumultuous society, if they only spoke to the "correct" leaders. If there was no right and wrong, then those of certain "wrong" intentions would surely come to power. It was difficult to wrap your mind around this lust for power, but it all made very good sense. Children are selfish. And most of them act like children.

There was so much to be gained and lost with power that she knew not whether she welcomed the power of freedom or not. It could be dangerous enough to kill and empowering enough to create new herds - new ideas, and new beliefs among those that had risen. In her pretty skull contained enough power to decide whether to leave or to stay; to lay next to a pool of water or under a shady oak. Some didn't even possess the power of free decision. Some possessed entire land formations all to themselves; the ones that made the rules she had liked to call them.

As much perfection touched the terrain lightly, she knew that woe sat upon it with her thin, bony fingers bent it to where the control was hidden inside.

Lightly, the gales brushed her wispy mane aside and blew into her orbs, making her blink a bit before taking a step back. Today was gusty, and some suggested that wind signified change that was to come. If change came today, it would be welcome by her - even if it was for the worse. Something needed to give.

A part of her was so innocent and inquisitive that she wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the world, fearless even to the great ocean. She wished to climb to the top of every mountain and look down at the bright green grasses that were nourished in the valley below. Or to drink sweet water from a cactus in the hottest desert, only finding coolness in the shade and oasis. Another part of her wanted to hide, in fear of what had already been done.

When she was a child, she was more inquisitive, and now she was reserved. Was that particularly bad?

No one was speaking to her, yet. Maybe it was because of what she was carrying. After all, he had told her that she was worthless to any stag now after what he had done to her. Life could not be worthless, for wasn't life that which had the most value?

Not far away, easily jogging up the side of a slope, she saw a young ebony stallion. One about as young as her, she would have guessed from the distance between them. He will pass, too she thought, not in a sad way. Her tone of thought was matter-of-fact. She was extremely surprised when he came to meet the front of her and even bowed. A little anxious about him seeing her slightly enlarged sides, she stepped to the side, so that a nearby bush concealed the bump on her side.

"I am Tahila," she said softly, bowing in return to him. "I rather do like the rain. It's constant rhythm is rather soothing in such hard times," she said, watching a droplet dribble from a leaf just to the side of her.
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To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open)   To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open) Empty

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To Fear Not What Lies Ahead...(Open)
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