New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Irena  Empty
PostSubject: Irena    Irena  EmptyMon Mar 11 2013, 17:15

Irena  Wolf_Spirit_by_Konig_Convict

Dubbed ;; Irena
Age ;; 1.5
Gender ;; Female
Title/Rank ;; None
Land ;; None
Herd ;; None

Coat ;; Silver
Eyes ;; Blue
Height ;; 2.5 ft
Markings ;; None
Scars ;; None
Daggers ;; Gray
Horn ;; None
Wings ;; None

Breed ;; Timber Wolf
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Cali
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Sire ;; Unknown
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Brothers ;; Unknown
Sisters ;; Unknown

Friends ;; None
Enemies ;; None
Sons ;; None
Daughters ;; None

History ;;

Irena grew up with her mother, Cali in a dense forest off of some human wastelands. She supposed they lived there, as they would often venture into the forest for deer pelts and meat. While the wolves had no interest in pelts, they shared a similar interest in the meat that the prey had. Irena discovered a very good method in catching prey. She could turn invisible to anyone she had bad intentions toward, making her lethal to prey. She, of course, would never use it on anyone but prey.

She had few enemies in the homeland, and she decided she would never use her power against another wolf. At six months, she was captured by an evil female named Okami because she wanted Irena to use her power against the good wolves of the land. It was easy to be fatal when one had the element of surprise.

For months, Irena was used to slaughter those of her own kind. Good and gentle wolves died at her hand. At one, she knew that she was capable of being a cold and ruthless killer. Did she want to kill all her life?

Irena eventually escaped and killed as she went, not being able to decide what she wanted to do. If someone crossed her path, they died. She wants to change, but the darkness around her may be pushing her toward a fate she doesn't yet understand. Though she was born a princess, she grew to be hungry for power. Before she left her old land, she dethroned Okami and strode on to other ventures. N

Now, she had arrived in Freedom's Palace. Will it ever be the same?

Personality ;;
Alliance ;; Neutral
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Moody, Kind, Sarcastic, Psychotic, Good-willed, Conflicted. She will kill anyone who crosses her path, and she will do anything to gain rank in a pack including taking over the leader. She is kind though at first glance unless challenged. She is very broken as well, knowing that the scars of the past will not heal on their own. She remembers Cali, her mother and wants to see her again.
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Irena  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Irena    Irena  EmptyTue Mar 12 2013, 01:04

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