New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Water Night(Saph)

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PostSubject: Water Night(Saph)   Water Night(Saph) EmptySat Feb 23 2013, 23:15

Night brings its wetness to beaches in your soul...

Night was upon the lands, with its glistening stars shining as an example of life that once existed in the full and love that had been fulfilled through generations of survival.

Was one still surviving though they were not loving? Breath filled her lungs but no spark filled her life, just as the sinew that was created in the womb of her mother moved her pillars but without purpose. When life itself was but an illusion upon the horizon, a distant ghost, there was nothing more to do but fade into the mists of solitude. Solitude was a place of immense sorrows, yet they did not plague the body and spirit of one who believed in deeper waters ahead. One who sailed into life not regretting mistakes and not looking forward to future self-gains.

Dreams were the only reason that any of them touched the surface of the future and created ripples through their lives so that what laid before them was nearly tangible. Could she touch that which was before her?

In an eclipse, the moon came before the sun and all life observed a phenomenon of the earth. Surely, they too, could experience the warmth of the winter and the cold of the summer upon their hearts and souls. Simply, the embodiment of the moon herself lived in the fae of the mists, one who could not be seen...except when danger lurked not. Brandishing a smile that tugged only the edges of her lips, her slender pillars tread upon the short grass, fresh with midnight dew.

Burning filled her, much unlike the mists of water as her mouth became dry, longing for water to sate her thirst. Not only did she possess a thirst for the clear liquid of life, but she also possessed a thirst for the rhythm of life to step into her stride.

Many things were brought to her attention upon first tasting the midnight air of the forest, fresh with pines needles fallen about her and evergreens reaching the horizon. They seemed to never end, to never die. They saw all life for many generations; did they frown upon all that they had witnessed, did they cry for the animosity that was established in the world? Some only wanted material things, such as perhaps a large terrain or many showy faes. Life was about knowing who you were and what your destiny was.

If only things had been the same as many a moon ago; if only she was not but a fae among others but an individual whose opinion mattered. If only she could be seen as she wished to be seen.

A blanket of fog surrounded her as she walked through the forest, unable to see before her...yet she could sense where her next footfall would be. Muffled were her movements, and it was certain that the ruler would not notice her until long after she had noticed him. Orbs keen, she traveled on, beautiful dished features reflecting moonlight slightly as her flowing tassels lightly brushed the earth.

A slight tremble fired through her petite form as she walked all alone in the moonlight. There had been a reason she had come to this place, she thought, in the beginning. Maybe, there was no real reason at all except to seek words from someone she had hardly met.

Moon led was she, watching the spots upon it travel as she traveled. Night opened doors of light, if one looked hard enough to spot their beauty jutting from the cracks between night and day. Clouds covered the moon only for a moment, but she lost not the focus of her vision, of her purpose and song that flowed through her. Her water of the soul was to find this secret kingdom of the earth.

More forward did the water of her heart flow as she stepped ever so lightly to the small rise of a ridge, knowing that sleep to the mind would soon await her. If only he saw her once, her heart might melt in her chest.

Had something happened since their last meeting?

Dappled was her form, with the lightest hue of grey, so desirable and gorgeous to all. Only the right stag would have her near, for her heart had not broken one time in all those that she had left devastated in tears. Heartbreak was harsh. If only she could own all the stags in the world as they wished to own all the faes. That certainly was a nice thought.

Open to the harshness of night was she...and open to the words of the pallid form that stood on the horizon.

Violet orbs glanced about, recognizing him as he stood there. Petrified was her form, but it held no fear, just a lack of motion as she stood...wind in her features and the moonlight upon her in all its glory.

You know me not she thought, turning her cranium away for a small, painful moment as she contemplated leaving the scene. This was not the beach, and the summer had passed. Sleep of thought only awaited them and to forget was to live forward in life. Moonlight cleansed all that had happened before - their words were nothing but drifting wood on the sea as waves carried it to shore, only to meet the next wave.

A change of life, a change of soul.

But had anything really changed?

A dream could change any reality into fantasy, and their words had been fantasy. There was nothing here for her to gain nor lose, but again, she corrected herself for lying, only to her heart. A small lie. A white lie that she labeled as purity as she deftly moved forward.

Sunrise was not for what would seem like a decade, when the rays of the sun would crescendo throughout the morning until all was a'lit. Now, they were under the moon's realm. As she came closer, she noticed she was right behind him, invisible and cloaked in mists. Velvet lips wished to say that which they could not say. Not until he spoke first. Those words would be like a first step, a first word...a first song.

"Surely," she paused, hiding in the mists for a moment. "You did not think I would not follow," she laughed to herself slightly, moving closer in the moonlight. "After your defeat, I could simply not ponder the thought of whether you had recovered well from your injuries..." taunted Phantom, expression stoic as she spoke, like a goddess of seriousness. "Just wanted to make sure you didn't break anything," she grinned, violet eyes beaming as she spoke to him.

As much as she hated bringing up past defeats of his, she couldn't help but to give a legitimate reason as to why she chose to come to his new land. Even though she spoke, it was obvious that her words were simple and meaningless, with a much more extensive answer laying just beneath the surface of that silvery, beautiful exterior of hers. Something about him was captivating and intriguing. Not about his form. But about the way that he spoke eloquently, especially when he wasn't trying to flirt with faes. What an idiot stags could be sometimes, but at least he was an idiot she had come to tolerate.
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PostSubject: Re: Water Night(Saph)   Water Night(Saph) EmptySun Feb 24 2013, 06:44

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let's get some
And live while we're young

It was not often that Demitri found the time, or the quiet within himself to meditate upon life, as he knew it. No, majority of his time was spent in a whirlwind of activity - chasing faes, flirting, going on business, exploring, as though he were trying to cram all the activities he had ever wanted to do while he was still young. It was rare that he found he had pockets of free time like this, with nothing to do. Also, it was even rarer that he had the patience and the thoughtfulness needed to dig deep within himself, and come up with honest answers.

So, it was with a mingled sense of disgust and pride that he found himself standing on one of the few cliffs in the land, amongst the ever-green pines, and staring out into the horizon. Disgust, because he never did believe in the need to reflect, or to ponder upon the direction his life should take. Demitri had never had to make that important a decision before. Mostly, his actions were churned out on the spur of the moment, in the heat of anger or whatever emotion he was then experiencing.

And pride, well, because that he had actually done something mature, as silly as that reason might have been. Oh well. There was no one here to hear his deepest, darkest thoughts, and he would never, ever reveal what he had thought to himself in the depths of his mind to anyone, upon pain of death.

His reputation here was impeccable. He had made sure of it, from the day he had first arrived in the land of Freedom's Palace. Playboy. Shallow. Superficial. Obnoxious. Impulsive. Violent.

And most believed it. He could see it in their eyes, when he went around, judging, evaluating him, as though they knew the ins and outs of who he was, without even having spoken to him once.

But that, too, was not the reason why he had found himself standing on the grassy knob, mane and tail flying freely as the cool, night wind combed her gentle fingers through the fine strands. Demitri's eyes watered slightly as the breeze blew straight into his bright, amber eyes, but otherwise, he did not move a muscle. He could have been a statue, for all that others could see, left by humans in the woods to be lost in time, until someone else found him.

No, the sole reason why he had come up here tonight, was due to the nagging, aching feeling that something important, vital to him, was missing. No, missing was hardly the word for this soul-aching sensation that he was feeling now. It was as though... Demitri stopped, shaking his head wryly. No, he was too distressed for his normally glib mind and tongue to shape his emotions in words.

It had all started on that cursed day. Cursed? Or Blessed? He did not yet know. That day... that was the day when he had met Phantom. The beautiful silvery-grey mare whom he thought could exist only in dreams. To find her in reality, standing in front of him, speaking to him, it was as though Earth had taken the place of Heaven itself, and he was standing upon a field of roses and the softest of grass. And they had talked... Truly conversed, with both their hearts and minds. Demitri had found the fae to be such wonderful company, and he had grown lax and complacent in her presence, not even thinking of the possibility that they could be parted.

But now, they were. Parted, that is. And it was as though a great, gaping hole had been torn in his heart, leaving the struggling organ to make a valiant attempt to continue beating, for him to continue living, even with only half of it left.

Moonlight spilled upon him and his land, painting the emerald territory silver. His pelt, golden as the sun's rays, was too, touched with silver. Demitri gazed out upon the Kingdom, and felt his turbulent emotions calm, as well as his eyes drift shut. Surrounded by the radiance of the moon, the stallion focused upon the rustling sounds of his forest, the occasional bird cry or animal call, and suddenly felt immeasurably exhausted.

Yes, he finally admitted to himself. He was lonely, longing for someone to know him - the true him, instead of the facade he put out. He had never let anyone close enough to do so before, and he was loathe to start now. Fear, regret, pride, held him back. He did not believe in love, didn't he? He would not dare dream of placing himself on so vulnerable a position, simply to have his affections rejected or toyed with, just as he had done to countless others.

And the change... The fight with Spyro. He had not magaed to stop thinking of that cursed stallion. No, he hadn't won the fight, but he hadn't lost it either. It was that lost, desperate look that had flared in the ebony stallions eyes, that had prompted him to decide, even before the battle commenced, to gift the land to him and find a new one of his own.

Never say that Demitri was without a heart. So generous, so kind he had been, and even so, rumours of how he had lost terribly to the hellion-unicorn had circulated. Oh, it had inflamed him, when he had heard it. It had enraged him for days, so much so that he had not dared come into contact with any other, for fear that nothing would have been able to soothe his temper.

And it was at times like this, when he missed Phantom the most. He presence by his side was comforting - more than he had ever realised, until he had lost it.

Where had the fae gone? After the fight, he had not seen her, did not know how to contact her, even. Demitri had left with a heavy heart, acknowledging her freedom, as he had never done before. If she truly did want to stay with him, she would be able to seek him out. News, after all, spread fast.

The golden stallion opened his eyes, pools of amber brightening with awe and the beginnings of hope and joy, as they unfurled their wings within his eyes. A shudder ran through him, through his land, and Demitri knew that she was near. Phantom, his heart called, and he could not resist his heart's command.

Was it really her? Or was it simply his wishful imagination? Had his mind conjured her presence for him, simply because he had missed her so?

He stayed still, silent and watchful, as every sense strained forward, trying to pinpoint her location, if she was in the land. Even so, it came as a surprise, when gentle, lyrical vocals sounded behind him, like a chorus of angels singing. His heart soared, and the stallion trumpeted victoriously within his heart, but otherwise said nothing.

Slowly, as though to savour the moment, he turned around, a half-smile already playing about his handsome features. Joyfully, he laughed, giving the mare a warm greeting through that exulted sound alone, harks pricked forward, thirsty to catch every drop of her words.

"Of course not, darling," Demitri drawled arrogantly after a moment, taking the time to compose himself, instead of throwing himself down at her hooves and thank her with every fiber of his body for coming. "I always knew you couldn't resist me. I was right, wasn't I?" he smirked playfully, reaching forward to touch his muzzle gently, to hers, in a familiar, flirtatious greeting that she was sure to recognise.

His breath caught, as his amber eyes glinted in the moonlight. The moon's rays complemented her pelt, turning it into an even deeper silver. She could have been made from Mercury, and Demitri would not have known the difference. She was perfect, in his eyes. And had been, for a rather long time.

However, her next words brought a fleeting, brewing anger within his orbs once more, as he wrestled it down, exhaling heavily as he fought not to lose his temper in front of the beauteous fae and shame himself.

As it was, Demitri only turned a mild smile to Phantom, even as a glow of anger sparked in his eyes, and his entire pelt seemed to burn[i] and glow an even deeper shade of gold.

"There was [i]no
defeat," he snapped sharply, before withdrawing, as though stung, and turning to compose himself. "I'm so sorry, m'lady. The thought of this topic just brings the fires back, and I can do not a thing to stop it."

He sighed, heart warming, even as he recognised the words for concern about him.

"Neither of us won," he explained, sighing heavily. "I had already planned on giving the land up. He looked so desperate, so pathetic, the poor dear," he elaborated, a mocking edge in his tone, as he tossed his flaxen mane. Even as he spoke, a thought struck him. Back in his former lands, before he had arrived on these shores, Demitri had been an exemplary fighter. And he still was! However, he was only mortal, only... normal. The golden stallion had no special abilities or powers to aid him in battles such as these - and it bothered him. He should have lost, he knew, if the other stallion had been a little better, a little faster. And there was nothing that could be done.

Shaking his head to rid himself of these dark thoughts, the stallion smiled suavely at Phantom, tossing his head again with a playful glint in his amber pools.

"Oh, but my dear, my injuries have been simply intolerable! I could barely move for days, each breath was an agony. And every time I drew a breath, I could only think of your astounding beauty, m'lady! And I wished you were near," he grinned, eyes twinkling, heart lurching to see some of his true emotions spilling out in words. But, of course, he doubted Phantom would realise it. And it sent a pang through his heart.

Demitri flicked his tail, motioning with his head to the rest of his silver-touched land, as he gestured Phantom to stand by him on the raised grassy knob. Together, they gazed out upon the land.

"What do you think?" he asked her softly, half-playful, half genuinely afraid of rejection. "Does this meet with your high standards, your Majesty?"
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PostSubject: Re: Water Night(Saph)   Water Night(Saph) EmptyTue Feb 26 2013, 12:35

Life was so fast paced and those that ran in its strife so giddy that there was hardly a moment to gaze upon the terrain as if it was a gift, instead of a token of their own greatness. No one looked past the height of the fir tree and wondered that which it had seen in its many years of standing proud and tall. Few admired the sea, as it flowed in a constant, continuous movement never faltering, never slowing nor fastening. Those who did take that luxury knew that it was never ceasing, nor did the sun ever reach a full enough power to run the wild seas dry.

So many things, brutal things, ran through her thoughts as she pondered what she truly stood for and that which she meant to do. Didn't they all have a purpose..? Certainly, hers was not clear as day to the gorgeous fae as she had plead with herself not to take a step in the direction of the forest.

In just a breath...a moment of looking, was he life changed completely. It was not yet evident whether this change was for the better or the worst, but something grew from nothing on one particular day. She, Phantom, had been changed for good, for forever, for all the days that she might live upon the earth. And now, she all but longed to dream of the features that grew restless in her mind, in her entirety.

This was certainly not what she had expected to happen; gosh, what had happened to that vision of her in the wild, only chained to the fields and not a herd. Only chained to which her heart allowed her to be - the sun and the sky...the earth and the rippling streams in which she may dip her delicate maw within to taste the clearness that they with held inside of them. Only the fish, so full of life and energy truly knew how to live, for they were chained to nothing; only to the water that they needed for survival. Always would they return to their birth ground, whilst she would never return to hers. A place like that was not meant for a child, nor even one of elder years.

Charming. That is the reputation she had seemed to received from every fae and brute that she happened upon in these strange, unfamiliar lands. Of course, to keep a facade upon one's features was quite easy upon a first meeting, but to continually impress a community, such skill it took. Especially one so small that every creature knew the other by a name. Though it was something that gave her the slightest bother, it worried her not, as she looked at the larger picture. Careful alliances.

Withered was her heart, like a rose that had longed sweet life's water for far too long and was turning brown at the edges and tearing more easily. Lush was the inside, soft and sweet like a newborn flower, but on the outside, it was dry from malnourishment. Songs in the sky paved a path for them, so her mind liked to think, but truly, no path had been sought out for her it seemed. All she did was wander, from place to place, and surely, it was an excellent way to make acquaintances and allies...but still, they were not friends. Not family. Not of blood, for blood was always thicker than water. In a place like this, the saying quite often proved false, as brothers fighting brothers was all too common by those who dared not cherish dear life nor blood.

Just as the rose was parted with her beloved water, she had been parted from her beloved new acquaintance. Or were they actually friends now? Because her mind could not decipher the question, she knew inside that she only hoped that they were.

So full of song and dance was she as she had before previously strode upon the grains of sand, which had gathered lightly around her hocks. Sand that had opened her orbs in the moonlight and let her see all that there was or ever could be. Sand that showed everything that she believed and all of her thoughts bundled up together in a shape that became her. Sand that was so fragile but undefeatable as a whole, just because of its sheer size. Sand that changed her. Sand that made her believe. In something.

Ever since that fateful day, it had seemed that she was not the same as before she came. Some piece of her was missing, as if she had left a bit of herself upon that beach that first night - was it too late to go back and look for it?

Pallid pools of violet gazed upon his for a brief moment as she stood before him, inhaling his sight in and reading it through her mind several times before she recognized what she saw. It could not be a delusion of her own demented fantasies now, as they stood...stood within length to touch muzzle to muzzle. All the words that she said were acting, acting that she was all too talented at, to her own detriment.

A small, sharp flick of a smile to him revealed her true intentions but for a brief moment, but the shadowy veil lifted itself back over her sparkling, violet eyes just as quickly as it had fallen from them.

She had noticed. All that had started before was being finished at this moment, at this time as they stood together. Even a look to one another revealed all that had never been said, that neither of them would ever say, if they could help it. Only sweet innocence remained between them, with the looks that they exchanged. One could only compare them to a colt and a filly speaking for the first time in a pasture, with their dire curiosity towards one another growing as time went on.

Forest trees were far above them, reflecting moonlight from their dew christened pines while they stood in a realm of darkness. The only light between them was that of the moon far above them and the reflection off of their eyes. Only the warmth of his form told her that he was truly there and not a figment of her imagination. If he was an illusion, she decided right then and there that she never wanted to see reality again from that day forth. That she would rather be insane than to give up her hallucination for just a moment, for they had an understanding already that she didn't understand. Would she ever?

Though the last she had seen of him was defeat and curses towards the victor, it was quite obvious that she felt no shame towards him. If anything, she felt that his bravery exceeded that of many, to face an opponent that was biologically enhanced due to the crossing of unicorns and hellions. Neither did plague her blood, and that, she could honestly say she was glad for.

To be plagued with flames that you could not control that consumed your life; flames that gave you blood lust, the need to kill for satisfaction? No thank you. To be revered and called beautiful for a horn upon your head? Pitiful. To be called a half blood? She didn't think so. Controlling the surroundings around oneself was so much more satisfying than showing up with flames in hand and hoping that perhaps you are the strongest. Why not show up in style and not even let your opponent see you until it is too late?

Those bright amber pools stared into hers for a brief moment, and she thought that she sensed the same feelings that ran through her occasionally. It was impossible to think that a stag of his stature could be lonesome, when he had all the faes of the world beckoning him and calling him away.

At the moment he turned his back, he laughed and nearly scared her to death. Harks jutting forward, she took a surprised step back and then tentatively stepped forward, to the position she had been before. All of this was far too much for her to take in at one time...

"I assure you that I simply wanted to make sure you could walk again.." she giggled to herself, adding a hint of sarcasm in her words as she spoke easily to him. It rather thrilled her how enraged he got about a simple defeat. At least he lived to see another day, and at least he lived so that she could come and see him once more.

Pausing for a moment, she continued with her playful taunting. "Don't pretend I didn't see you waiting for me. I travel with the mists, my dear," she smiled, easily chuckling to herself as she glistened in the night.

Fixated upon him were her eyes, and she seemed to be dazzled by the gaze that had settled upon them for a moment in the moonlight. He seemed so perfect, his masculine form still and solid against the terrain's sky. This forest did him no justice, and she longed to see him in the sunlight once more, glistening as the sun's rays collected with his own. He was beautiful, every part about him. Every fiber about him. Every train of thought that he uttered was pure beauty to her harks. Warm and seductive was his voice, rustling feelings in her that she had not felt since she had first left her land.

For a moment after she said her words of the battle though, he seemed almost angered and more-so ashamed that he had lost, and even more-so that she had been lurking around to watch his horrid defeat. Ah, but what he didn't know was that she cared not that he was defeated. Mostly, she cared that he had finally gotten a terrain to himself, a place that she could call home.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm any means she thought, though it was obvious that she had a full intent on staying.

She thought for a moment, as he spoke of his injuries and wished her to be close to him. "Even if I was but the Reaper himself?" she questioned, eyes glinting with a deeper meaning as she spoke to him. Just how much had he missed her? As much as she had missed him? To miss someone as she had missed him seemed completely impossible, especially from the almighty Demitri.

With but a twist of her slender form, she glanced upon the grassy lands, fields - muddy creeks, rivers, trees, and all the creatures that lived within them. Just below them seemed to be the strongest rocks of granite that she had ever seen in her life, and they matched the shining grey of her pelt. Twigs surrounded them, and it seemed that a mother fox had burrowed beneath the ground just to the side of them. With sweet eyes, she looked to the pond, filled with ducks as they swam contently. Actually, there had never been a time she she had seen a bird of the water not swimming! And the flocks that flew above the skies, with the unicorns and of those sorts, preferring the clouds to land. To think of it - she would prefer the clouds to land as well if she were them. To only be a child of the sea or air for one day would open her eyes to the treasures that they experienced. She would never leave!

"It..." she murmured, almost in a whispering sound as she was captivated by its extreme beauty. "It is completely mystifying," she whispered, turning her skull to look at him with glee as he asked her of the land, but pain and fear struck her heart, as he addressed her.

Turning her skull away from all its beauty, she looked to him stricken with adoration and wonder. "I am no noble, your majesty. But a simple mare I am, so please do not do me the honor to call one a majesty when she is not one," she murmured quietly, showing a small twinge of a smile as she spoke to him.

ooc; 2051 words w/o coding, enjoy (:

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PostSubject: Re: Water Night(Saph)   Water Night(Saph) EmptySat Mar 02 2013, 23:50

What was the purpose of life? And was there any honour in death?

Death and life... Two polar, opposite ends of the spectrum, or simply part of the continuum which was life in itself?

He did not know - nor did he have any wish to know. Things like these, he believed with all his heart, was more suited for those shamans and the like, rather than an ordinary mortal horse such as he. He was born, he grew, he aged, and then he died. That was the order of life and death, as he perceived it. Well, maybe with a few heirs thrown in. And as for death - that was such a cold, abrupt word. He rather preferred 'going out with a bang', and leaving behind all those dear, weeping masses.

Well, weeping for what, exactly, the golden stallion was not too sure. Perhaps some of them - more than half, at the very least - would be crying about the loss of their beloved stallion, giving voice to their sorrow, as the overcast sky cast an eerie shadow across all the lands. There would be rain and thunder and wind and rain - the whole nine yards - and despite this, his loyal followers and devotees would stand firm in the beautiful field filled with flowers, where his golden body, magnificent even in death, would lie.

And their laments would ring from each and every one of their throats, magnified, until the whole land knew of their loss, at his departure from the mortal world.

And he would smile benevolently down from the heavens, a wise twinkle in his amber eyes, before he disappeared from view - forever.

Demitri shivered in disgust. Oh, no, that was not nice at all. Perish the thought! He would probably, in his death, use his apparent 'immortal soul' to seek revenge on all those who had wronged him! They would pay, all of them! None would know what had hit them - until it was too late.

Deadly Demitri.

Hmm... It did have a nice ring to it! He quite liked the sound of that!

Well, maybe in the future, if everything went well. Like, far, far off into the future. When he was old and wrinkled and grey. And -

Why was he already pondering his death?

No, he was in absolutely no hurry to die.

With that, Demitri wrenched his thoughts away from the depressing (and somewhat egotistic) direction that his thoughts were taking. The golden stallion's eyes focused upon the picturesque sight that [his forest made, in the the darkness, with only the moon as a source of light. The silver radiance poured from the orb that hung, suspended, through space and time, through the turns of the Earth, millions and millions and millions of hoof-steps away from where he currently stood.

How he knew that, he did not know. But it was what Demitri knew in his heart to be true. And none would sway him from that truth, whatever it may have been worth.

He was... content, with his foresty land. It may not have been the wild, barren beauty of the golden desert, but in time, it would be home. In the meantime, Demitri would love it and cherish it.. and try to fill the land with the sound of young things and life. And Phantom.

The soft voice lingered in his ears, in his very mind, even as Demitri glanced up, to meet the beautiful, striking gaze of the silvery mare he had befriended. The very first mare he had spoken to, upon his arrival in these lands. The very one who -

Oh, for the love of all that was holy. Why was he waxing poetic once again? Had he turned into an old, gossiping mare while his back was turned? If he had, well... Maybe it was time to start thinking about the field of flowers and laments once more.

His amber eyes caught Phantom's, and it was as though a link had formed between the two, tenuous, breakable, fragile. He shivered - from the cold, he tried to assure himself. And yet, he found himself continually being drawn back to the beautiful fae's gleaming pelt, that lay bright as star-shine under the full moon. Demitri found himself stepping forward a little, dazedly, before he caught himself, heat rising from beneath his pelt as he cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Well," Demitri smirked, the gesture seeming to lack the usual smug undertone. It was as though the vestiges of beauty and a spell had him caught within its web, where all his lies, all his deceptions seemed to be stripped from him. Stripped bare, until there was nothing left but his naked self, in all his soul's glory.

And the golden stallion found himself hoping against all hope, that he wouldn't be found lacking.

"You've come at the right time, m'dear!" he called out jovially, faking a look of pain on his flawless features, and limping slowly towards her, eyes bright with delight at the shared moment the pair of them were having.

"You see, I can hardly walk now. That monstrous not-unicorn not-hellion injured me so badly that I was left prone, helpless for days!" he cried in mock horror. "The tragedy! Can you imagine the sorrow anyone would feel if they had come across me in that state? To travel all the way here, and not be able to see me in all my beauty?"

He preened, unable to help himself. He tried to stop. He really did.

Until her next words sank into his brain. All of Demitri's masculinity urged him to rise up, to protest that he was doing nothing of that sort. So, he did.

"What?" he squawked, embarrassment all over his features. "I was not doing anything like that! I mean, do I actually seem like the type to travel all the way up here to-"

He slammed his mouth shut, an uncharacteristically sheepish look on his face.

Guilty conscience, indeed.

Demitri took a calming breath, smoothing his ruffled feathers. "Of course, darling," he grinned, back to his usual charming, intolerable self. "Even if you were the Grim Reaper himself. Because then, I would be able to live in your embrace for eternity!"

"Mystifying, huh?" Demitri asked, wandering closer to her side, before staring out at the silver-touched tree tops, and the playful river that gurgled merrily through the land. "I suppose so."

He hesitated, before sighing and plunging on.

"But it isn't the desert, though," he said, a petulant tone rising in his voice. "But at least you can see it from here."

His voice grew quieter, more wistful at the end, before he shook himself roughly, flashing a smile at Phantom.

"Whoever said that you're not?" he asked, in a rare moment of tenderness, of seriousness. "Because you are, m'dear. A Queen among her subjects, a Goddess among mortals. If you stood with all the Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens of the old, no one would ever be able to tell the difference."

Sincerity burned in his amber eyes, before fading away to his usual haughty look.

"Want to explore the land with me?" he invited, cantering a little down the slope. "I haven't had the chance!"
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Water Night(Saph) Cute_zpsb124b355

It was sublime how the water flowed in contrasting movements, each driving against the current to the center of its true feeling. What was the true meaning of feelings and thoughts that swam so freely against her currents? An answer to a question that was not there....all she knew in her heart that she was not winning this time.

Who was to say that a cyclone could not come and knock them off their feet, completely disorienting them?

Certainly, she felt as if she had been hit by more than a cyclone...but by a fifty foot wave that conquered her and made her bend to its will. No longer were the waters still, but they were rapid, rabid with mixed emotions, their froth the fear of being left behind and going with. Both decisions were a loss of some sort; there was no victory to be sought, only degrees of failure.

Apparently, the gods had a sick sense of humor to do this to her after everything had been taken from her in the past. Funny she thought, stifling a snort as she continued to think sourly about the fates that had worked against her and with her. They had not worked in the ways she had expected, but who was to say that they had not worked in the ways that she had completely and utterly desired? In a literate sense, the fates only worked in the ways that he had desired. Oh, how he must have completely loved to see a speck of light glimmering in her gorgeous eyes that night.

Just another pawn. Just another collectors' item, glossed over with beauty and ranked as one of the best possessions one like him could own. It angered her to think that she was just an item to be sought, to be obtained and then ignored. Chase of the day. Phantom wondered to herself where the others he claimed to be in his so-called harem were. Ignored. That's where.

One day, they would all be dead in the ground, after all. It was a bit cowardly and selfish to want to make the best of her time here and live it regally. Opinions weren't supposed to matter in this life, only passing on the blood. What if she didn't want to be a brood mare like her mother was? Grace was much more appealing to her and the beauty of correct language and speaking. Thought? Wasn't that important as well? To choose without thinking could be dangerous or fatal, at most. Something was distorting her decision making, her vision, and she was unable to place that which put a black veil over her eyes.

Smothered. Being unable to choose was being unable to breath in long, satisfying breaths. It made her heart race with the juices of anticipation and wonder beyond her understanding while the primal curiosities that recently emerged tried to force the current to sway in a new direction. Now, she was swimming against her own currents, her own tides and trying to make them hers once more.

Inside her was like an entire ocean, and now there was a storm approaching it. Swaying waters had turned rapid and rushed upon everything within, sinking all thoughts of leaving him now and returning to her bonny home. All was destroyed but the here...and the now...and what she saw before her. It wasn't a bad sight, she had to admit.

If only she could fly above the earth, she could have laughed at gravity as well as she looked down on earth and him. No one would follow her. And she would follow no one.

The night was at its beginning, and maybe they could change each other in the very end to think more like one another. To only tune themselves in the rhythm of heart beat and in their actions to become one soul.

What was she thinking?!

Dimitri? Seriously? No...

He would never care about anyone other than himself, so she was kidding herself thinking that they could be anything but lovers of speech together. They could not love one another, for that would be simply detrimental to her. There was no way he would care about one so dull as she, who clung to the mists far too often and said less words than she meant to. To speak and not to be heard was worse than not speaking at all, she had always reasoned.

Phantom had to say that she was content in her life though, especially since meeting him. His golden pelt had erased all the dark corners of her mind and filled them with an impenetrable light that no one could rid. All the words he showered upon her filled her with an utter confidence in her grace that was unbreakable and undeniable. It was only a facade, though, as every fae was showered with love and adoration from him. And he didn't have to tell her that for her to know. Everyone he met, he was bubbly and acted flirtatious around, even her - so perhaps she could be his very favorite harem mare, she thought sarcastically.

With a playful smile, she turned to him, her silver harks perked as she took a wide step closer to him. The look she gave him was heart-melting and rather exaggerated, for she knew very well that he had been awaiting her just as she had awaited seeing him.

"Yes, actually," she smirked, knowing for certain now that she had caught him. "I do think you traveled all the way up here just to wait for me. Rather convenient overlook, isn't it to see who comes and leaves the land?" she teased, blue eyes reading him like an open book. Just as he knew he was gorgeous, she knew that she was quite intelligent and that she could catch him any day when he was thinking of her.

Satisfaction entered into her mind as she thought that perhaps he was thinking of her just as much as she was thinking of him. Since their meeting, he had not entered her mind - he had never left!

The same crime she had committed, for she was noticing it more quickly with every moment. She was falling in love with Dimitri.

Why him? Why her? Why now? Could she simply just be young forever and love no one?

What a vain thought she thought to herself, brushing it out of her mind easily, quickly like a gale brushed by the trees and the dunes of a desert wasteland. Nothing was left of it, no trace after it was thought.

Usually, a creature of her age drifted from love to love like dusk to dawn. Where did her youth go? She felt old and grey already...well she was born a grey...but that still stood.

Everything came back to him...

"As do I, my dear. If only our youth would last forever...I would have eyes for only you," she said quietly, stunned by her words immediately after they escaped her velvet maw. Immediately, she looked down, eyes filled with emotion before she returned her eyes to him again, completely neutral. She had slipped up once, but she would not make that mistake again.

Too embarrassed was she in her words that she hardly listened to the natural sounds of the land as she stood. How could she expose herself like that to him? Stupid, stupid, stupid she thought scorning the fact that she allowed him any entry into her mind. She was not just the average mare that he could think himself all the rights too. Phantom knew she was an individual, not an item. Concise was her mind and to the point. Even though she dreamed of him every night since she left and knew she would surrender herself to his love if he only asked. She would be with him forever if he only asked. She was at his mercy, at his beckon call. How low she had stooped...

Looking back to him, she listened to his words with awe. Did he really mean what he said?

"You...think I'm a queen, a goddess? I do not walk with the heaven beneath my feet. I walk with the earth. And I am no queen....especially not to myself," she murmured, still doubting herself and her beauty.

As he lightened to mood, she looked back with a more playful demeanor.

"Yes, of course. Let us go and see what is to be seen," she said with a smile, veiling them both in a mask of mist immediately as she began to lope easily off in the direction of the deeper parts of the lands.


If only it could last....

ooc; tell me how you like the pic :D
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(OOC: OMG Love the pic!! <33 Demitri's smirk, especially! Oh, god. I can't, haha!)
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Water Night(Saph)
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