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PostSubject: Tourmaline   Tourmaline EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 19:18

Name: Tourmaline

Age: 3

Species: Horse

Breed: Quarter Horse

Gender: Mare

Description: Tourmaline has a grulla base hue, which has darkening at the skull and legs. She has a dark gray mane and tail, which are both thin and wispy as they sit on her neck. She's a classic grulla and has a stripe on her back to show that she is really a pure grulla. There is something special about her though. She has brindle markings all over her body, from her legs to all over her sides. She has beautiful bright brown eyes.

Height: 15hh

History: Tourmaline had a life filled with stares and mocking. She was different than both of her parents because of her color. Many avoided her like it was a disease. She was born into the wild from some escaped stock horses. Tourmaline's parents are both AQH and hardly ever spoke to her when she was in the herd. Then, she came to Alaknanda and tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. A stag named Spyro convinced her out of it, and she began to love him, slowly. They traveled to Snowy River Forest to speak to Spyro's father, and she got to meet his beautiful family. They now happily reside in Eternal Paradise.

Personality: Tourmaline is a simple and charitable fae. She would take on a foal or young one that needed a home. The fae is kind to all, and would help someone that wasn't kind to her in the first place. Tourmaline doesn't trust many stags and will run if they look intimidating. She got beat up a lot at her old herd, so she's scared of large mares too. Overall, she is nice to be around. Since she has been around Spyro, her confidence has increased and she is even nicer.

Image (optional): Tourmaline Scotch_Barr_by_whitewolf16
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