New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Permisso, the daughter of Satan

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Permisso, the daughter of Satan Empty
PostSubject: Permisso, the daughter of Satan   Permisso, the daughter of Satan EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 19:13

Username: Erosaf

Preferred method of contact: PM


Name: Permisso

Age: 6

Species: Horse

Breed: Pegusas Alter Real

Gender: Mare

Description: Stormy grey is her hide. She has black batlike wings, and a black fire mane and tail. Her eyes glow a gold-green colour, she has sharp fangs and is well muscled. He nose has all most scale like touch skin on it. The tip of it is pink.

Height: 18

History: Permisso is only young by most standards and is still growing. She came to Freedoms Palace in order to create chaos. She'll not settle to be just any old herd member though. You'll have to be careful if you want her, she won't take on anyone. Those who are not dark like her have no place with her.

Personality: evil, cunning, wise, spirited, bold, courageous, not afraid to tell the truth about how she feels about someone. She does not care who that person might be, with the exception of her lover. She has a chaotic future ahead of her.

Image (optional):
Permisso, the daughter of Satan ....rse_of_Hell
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Permisso, the daughter of Satan
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