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 Ramona ((horse))

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Ramona ((horse)) Empty
PostSubject: Ramona ((horse))   Ramona ((horse)) EmptySun Feb 10 2013, 15:51


Dubbed ;; Ramona
Age ;; 3 years
Gender ;; Mare
Title/Rank ;; none
Land ;; none
Herd ;; none

Coat ;; black
Mane & Tail ;; black
Eyes ;; green
Height ;; 16.2 hands
Markings ;; sabino on her belly
Scars ;; none
Daggers ;; black
Horn ;; none
Wings ;; none

Breed ;; Arabian Quarter Horse X American Paint Freisian Sport Horse
Percentage ;; 50% 50%
Dam ;; Jealousy
Grandsire ;; Phar Lap
Granddam ;; Tugela
Sire ;; Nadav
Grandsire ;; Sigaf
Granddam ;; Blood Diamond
Brothers ;; none
Sisters ;; none

Friends ;; not many
Enemies ;; none
Love ;; none
Crush ;; none
Heartbreaks ;; none
Sons ;; none
Daughters ;; none

Alliance ;; Light
Languages ;; Englsih
Temperament ;;Ramona is a lovely spirited mare who is eager to please those who she makes friends with. She has a stubborn streak though but it only shows when she does not like something that is going on. She is fierce and determined, and swifter than her mother who was a disgrace to her grandparents legacy. She loves to run and feel the wind in her mane.
She is very intelligent and thinks through her responses before she gives them. She is a perfect little lady, and is quite respectful of those around her should they deserve it. She is however courageous, and if she does not like you, you will know it.
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Ramona ((horse))
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