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 Extreme Deal ((horse))

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Extreme Deal  ((horse)) Empty
PostSubject: Extreme Deal ((horse))   Extreme Deal  ((horse)) EmptyWed Feb 06 2013, 21:38

Extreme Deal  ((horse)) Extreme_deal_by_erosaf-d5u5lhh

Dubbed ;; Extreme Deal
Age ;; 5
Gender ;; Stallion
Title/Rank ;; none
Land ;; none
Herd ;; none

Coat ;; light grey
Mane & Tail ;; dark
Eyes ;; dark
Height ;; 16 hands
Markings ;; has a horse shoe brand on his right hindquarter. Has dark points
Scars ;; none
Daggers ;; dark
Horn ;; none
Wings ;; none

Breed ;; Quarter Horse
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Encore
Grandsire ;; Dartmith
Granddam ;; Headaches Pain
Sire ;; Extreme Occasion
Grandsire ;; Extreme Disaster
Granddam ;; Golden Druid
Brothers ;;
Sisters ;;

Friends ;; siblings, , Catalyst III, Talking Catalyst, Sara Bella, Flying Abdullah, Russian Roulette
Enemies ;; none
Sons ;; Spanish Gold, Extreme Challenger, Extreme Shock
Daughters ;; Bar None

History ;; Extreme Deal was the first born son to his parents, and when an accident happened that claimed his father’s life on the racetrack, he knew he had to get out of the horse racing industry somehow. Unfortunately when he came to that conclusion, he had already become very well-known which he knew would be a problem since he wanted to start a new life.
While a racehorse, he was bred with several mares, the first a bay Andalusian mare called Spanish Chocolate, who eventually had his first son, a pretty palomino called Spanish Gold. The second was another Quarter Horse who was grey like himself and they have the daughter called Bar None, who did not prove successful as a racehorse. A third mare, Angleton Dreamer, a pretty Peruvian Paso, and got the son Extreme Challenger, who became well known as an endurance racer who was bright bay. One was to a black sabino Morgan mare known as Sarsparella and they got the grey sabino colt Extreme Shock.
He and his freinds were sold to a rancher after his father’s accident, and while there, in one of the corrals, they decided to go exploring. They got hopelessly lost and wandered into Freedoms Palace. Some how they all got separated but they want to find each other again.
He never got on with the lead ranch stallion, Comfortable Lier, and hopes never to see him again.
Personality ;;
He is flighty and good natured, and has heard much of race horses who seem to have gone missing over time. Though he is rather lost at the moment. He is determined not to end up back with the humans who lost him in that accident.
Sure being a well-loved horse was great, but if he is not to be a race horse anymore, then he wants nothing to do with the humans. He has won a lot of races, but endurance racing and things like that do not appeal to him. He wants to get out there and form a line of champions on his own.
Alliance ;; Light
Languages ;; English

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Extreme Deal  ((horse)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extreme Deal ((horse))   Extreme Deal  ((horse)) EmptyWed Feb 06 2013, 23:25

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Extreme Deal ((horse))
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