New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Kalina   Kalina EmptyFri Jan 25 2013, 21:43

Kalina Kalina_by_erosaf-d5sqoaj

Dubbed ;; Kalina ((light))
Age ;; 0.3 years
Gender ;; Filly
Title/Rank ;; not known
Land ;; not known
Herd ;; unknown

Coat ;; red roan
Mane & Tail ;; silver
Eyes ;; blue
Height ;; 11 hands, will grow to 15 hands
Markings ;; white blanket on rump. silver tipped ears. Splash markings on her legs and belly.
Scars ;; none
Daggers ;; silver
Horn ;; none
Wings ;; none

Breed ;; Lowe X Brumby
Percentage ;; 50% 50%
Dam ;; Moon
Grandsire ;; Cloud
Granddam ;; Cirrus
Sire ;; Thowra
Grandsire ;; Yarraman
Granddam ;; Bel bel
Brothers ;; does not know them
Sisters ;; does not know them

Friends ;; none
Enemies ;; Thowra, Juliana, Maura, Kunama
Love ;; none
Crush ;; none
Heartbreaks ;; none
Sons ;; none
Daughters ;; none

Alliance ;; DARK
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;;
Kalina is a horse who hates those who are not like her. She especially hates her father as he never shows any interest in her as her mother was never a mare of his, instead a mare that crossed his path when he first became a vampire, thanks a lot Ganymede! It’s because of Thowra that she died giving birth to Kalina, and gave her; her accursed name, which in contrast to her personality, means light!

She has quite the temper and will not see reason when talking to those who are not dark. Nor will she put up with them trying to change her into one of them. For some reason she is a little messed up in the head, she hates sweet talk and kindness, but hurting her actually makes her happy. She could easily be trained into the perfect little assassin or spy, or a perfect slave. She wont dare answer back to those who are older than her, lest they be a Light horse.

She is quite cruel natured and has not learnt to control her flames, but her true affinity comes into the earth.

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