New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Death of the Monarch

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PostSubject: Death of the Monarch   Death of the Monarch EmptyWed Jan 16 2013, 20:19

Though the healers were doing the best they could to save her, Gemstarzah knew, as she had for many years, that freeing her people would claim her life. She was not afraid of that, but she knew that Auraka and Narware would be devastated by that, if she ever told them. Of course, she had kept that from them, but her breathing was weakening, and she knew she did not have much time left.

This time when the healer came in, she shook her head, telling her not to help her this time. The healers eyes widened. She knew she must look quite the sight, a once powerful elven monarch laying in a human bed, too weak to move any more. Once she had been a warrior, she knew that, but now, her body tired far too much and she knew that her time, came. “Send for my family.. please..”

The voice that left her mouth was weak, it had been weakening for weeks now, but it had never been this weak. Now it was as though even her voice was dying. Oh she had tried to prolong the inevitable, but she knew that this was it. By tomorrow, she knew that she would have joined her ancestors in the afterlife and there was nothing anyone, human, dragon or elf could do to stop that from happening.
The healer nodded, and backed out of the room.

You have done well, my daughter. You deserve to join me and those of your family who are with me now, a soft voice spoke to her, and she gasped. She knew that voice!

Empusa? She was unsure of the question she was asking her goddess, but she knew that Empusa would know.

There was nothing but calm gentleness to the voice she was able to hear. Not to mention possibly approval too. You have done the right thing. You showed your cousin that even through all he has done to you and your people, that anything is able to be forgiven.

She was rather humbled by the words. All she had done was do the right thing, and it seemed that Empusa was pleased by her doing that. I.. umm... thank you...she replied. She was completely surprised by those words.

You know what you must say to everyone, now, do you not? Empusa asked.

Yes. At least, for most of them, she replied. It would be so hard to say goodbye to her family, but she knew that this time, she had no other choice. Her time had come. The time for her to fade away into the stories of the past. Though I must ask. Was it you that gave me that gift I have learnt to trust and somewhat control?

I did. Gemstarzah gasped as she heard those two words. Somehow she knew there was more to be said though. In the hopes that you would not ignore it. I knew that sometimes, things were going to be hard for you, but I knew you would manage to pull through.

So everything she had seen, had been Empusa talking to her, giving her warnings of what was to come for her people. So you knew everything I would see that was to come? Why me?

Because some of my people would use that in a not so welcome way. To gain things that otherwise they would never have had. You on the other hand really had nothing to gain from doing such a thing, and I knew you would never ask for anything in return. Empusa fell silent in her mind as the door opened.

All of her remaining family were coming in, and she knew that they were quite saddened by the news that they were told. She looked around at all of them, with tired eyes.

Gemstarzah’s eldest daughter, Meira, stood with Joshua and Kelissaya, looking very much distressed by what was happening to her. She knew that her daughter would go on to accomplish great things in her life, and that there was every possibility that she could become an even better leader than Gemstarzah, herself, had been. No, she was positive of it. Meira had known both sides to their lives... both as a Princess, and as a slave. She knew what living was like for any servant.

Kelissaya was the next one she looked at. There was not anything but quiet joy that her cousin had helped her people to break away from from being slaves, even at enormous personal risk to herself. That she had always been there for Gemstarzah’s people even when things were at their worst. Gemstarzah knew all the elves owed her much, more than they even knew. The close friendship that was between them was something that was very unlikely to ever happen again.

Joshua. Well, this one was harder to look at. She knew that by all rights, she had had the right to kill him in the fight for all her people’s freedom. That was not something she had been able to do, and she knew that it was because he had always been her cousin. Once they had always gotten along, but ever since Lindan had somehow turned him against her, well, they had fallen apart. He had become quite the tyrant, but even after he beat her in that fight, he had come to his senses and realised just who he had been fighting. Too bad really that it had happened too late.. at least for her. Thank goodness you decided to revoke all the trouble you caused my people... but why did it have to be because you gave me a mortal wound first?

Her eyes shifted on to the next person beside him. It was her daughter, Pollae. The daughter she had been forced to give up, so that she would be alive now to see her true people liberated from being slaves like once they were. She knew her daughter would never know how tough that had been for her, but it was something she knew that Pollae herself would never need to know. Though Pollae was still a youngling, like her sister, Gemstarzah had complete confidence in her that good things would come to everyone from her. She hoped that Pollae would continue to guide her uncle into reforming the ways things used to be for both their races. Gemstarzah’s only regret was that she would never be able to get to know her daughter.

She knew who were standing beside Pollae. Narware ... and Auraka. There were no words to describe how she felt about having to leave them both behind. Both of them looked so sad. She couldn’t even form any words in her own mind when it came to them, what to say to them. She knew they were the hardest to have to leave behind. She had to blink; she could almost feel tears prickling in her own eyes at this point. They were the only two who knew her as well as she knew herself now. And she had to be the cruel one and leave them here to live and grow older, while she died, and had to watch over them from the heavens. That was not something that was easy for her to accept in any chance.

For a few moments her eyes lifted, looking up at the polished stone roof above all of them. Trying to think what to say to all of them. She had figured out the words not too long ago, but now, they seemed to have vanished into thin air inside her head. But so was everything else, now that she was nearly completely gone from them.

She sighed, before looking at her oldest daughter. “Meira...” her voice was still weak, but she forced it not to give way. “I know you are still only young, but I know you are destined for great things. As a leader, I know you will manage to get past the obstacles in your way, but remember to look to your family when you need help.”

Meira looked back at her. “I will, mor...” her words were barely even there, but Gemstarzah heard them before her daughter looked at the ground at her feet.

It had to be enough, she supposed as she turned her eyes towards Kelissaya. And was almost shocked, to notice that tears did run from her favourite cousin’s green eyes. The very sight of that made tremble for a few moments. “Keya … tack för allt du har gjort för oss. Du har ingen aning om hur mycket det betyder för mig … och jag kommer alltid att vara med dig, även om vi inte kan samtala längre. Jag kunde inte ha fått en bättre kusin. Tack så mycket.”

Kelissaya barely managed even a nod in return to her words this time. Gemstarzah noticed that Joshua had wrapped an arm around his sister. He was looking at her quite curiously.

“I will not tell you what I said, Joshua. That is up to another. Sure we have had our disagreements, but at least you have come back to who you used to be. Or at least eventually you will. Not before I... pass away... but you will.” Gemstarah sighed, as her eyes moved on. Things were getting harder to say, but she knew she had to do this.

She looked at her youngest daughter. Pollae was a stranger to her, but she knew she had to say something. “It sorrows me that I will never truly get to know you, Pollae. However I am glad that Kelissaya has taken such good care of you when I could not. I am glad I sent you to her when I did, else none of what you helped achieve would have been possible. Everyone was counting on you.” She sighed. “I can only hope that you will continue to make me proud.” Her daughter did not manage to look at her, but she could understand that.

Her eyes shifted back to her two mates. She said nothing out loud, to do so would be too hard in this situation. She knew though that they would always look out for their respective daughters from her. One day, when no longer Meira or Pollae need you, you can join me in the afterlife. I will always be watching you until then. The words were silent, mind to mind, but she knew they got the message.

She took another breath, but she knew it would be one of the last that came to her now. Death was getting much closer now. She sighed, as Auraka came over to hug her. Weakly, she lifted her arms to return the hug, but it was not without a struggle.

Eventually he moved away, and she was not surprised that Narware was waiting right behind him, as were Meira and Kelissaya.

At least she found the strength to hug each of them in turn, but she knew that to do so was draining her energy quite quickly.

Her breathing dimmed slowly, before almost stopping. Only one last word did she utter, before her eyes shut and she fell still. “Goodbye.”


This was very hard for me to write, despite the fact I have killed her off several ways prior to now. I cried several times at some of the dialogue too, it's so sad.
Translations though are needed:
mor - mother
Keya … tack för allt du har gjort för oss. Du har ingen aning om hur mycket det betyder för mig … och jag kommer alltid att vara med dig, även om vi inte kan samtala längre. Jag kunde inte ha fått en bättre kusin. Tack så mycket. - Keya.. thank you for everything you have done for us. You have no idea how much that means to me.. and I will always be with you, even if we cannot talk anymore. I could could not have gotten a better cousin. Thank you.
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Death of the Monarch
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