New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 A Hellion King's Claim

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I smiled, although the emotion displayed was nothing more than a farce. I knew what true emotion was; I had felt it course through me as I was trapped at the gates of hell, forbidden entrance by their twin guardians. I had fed upon the pain of thousands as it coursed through the gates, but it wasn't enough, compared to what I sensed was inside. My only option had been to return to this land, infested with half-bloods and high-minded slaves. I didn't mind though; my herd would return to me, strengthened in the time since I left. The hellions in the lands were growing stronger, for the Apocalyptic Council had descended to the lands, and their heirs were growing stronger each day. Soon, I knew, the time would come to unite the hellions.

Meanwhile, there were these wolves. I found it interesting that such a strange alliance would be created between the horses and the wolves. However, just as hellions and the so-called normal horses had their feud, so too, did the wolves, with their cousins, the dire wolves. I would be able to make an alliance with the brutes, I thought, already planning how best to use their exceptional talents.

Then there was the matter of Therthis. He was a thorn, piercing deep into my side currently, but perhaps...

I thought over the information passed on to me by my spies.

Perhaps I should meet with Satan, I thought. Between the two of us, we could surely subdue that wretched half-blood. I had a link with the black king of the Gemdas, and I knew that he had sensed my presence growing stronger. In fact, although this he didn't know, his pathetic hellion powers had helped to bring about my return, adding to my strength.

Yes, this time, I would be the victor, I concluded, looking out upon the once lush land of Still Waters. I had burned away much of the grass, and the lakes for which the land was named were dark with ash, excepting a chosen few. Between the protective walls of the canyon, and the small task of keeping track of the central oasis, no slave would be able to escape with any sort of ease. This land was the perfect place for my conquest to begin.
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A Hellion King's Claim
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