New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 Short Scene from Forces Collide

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PostSubject: Short Scene from Forces Collide   Short Scene from Forces Collide EmptyThu Jan 10 2013, 21:03

Soon she was at the hall and finding her way to her seat at the table with her uncle, aunt, and two cousins. Kelissaya smiled when she saw Gemstarzah, as did her mother, but other than that there was no greeting from the two males. They seemed more interested in something else, and in a way she could not blame them. They were the ones who were responsible for tonight, and she knew that was a very big deal for them.

For it was not often that an elf such as herself was able to come and stay with them. She was the next leader of her people, and for the humans, she was a very important guest, one they would not want to displease in any way. For her people were the superior race in Nuban and its nation.

Finally her uncle turned around. “Nice to see you make it, Gemstarzah,” he said, smiling at her. “I hope you enjoy the night as much as we do. I know my family has always enjoyed their time when they have been to one of your feasts.” There was something off about his voice, as though he was trying to hide something from her. As if he was almost faking his pleasure about her even being with them right now.

She said nothing about that. “I am glad that you were able to extend such an invitation to my people for something such as this, uncle Lindan.” She smiled at him. If he could play tricks on her, then she could as well. There was no chance that the planned sacrifice was anything good to her. She could not believe her aunt, who was also a pure elf, was able to stomach such a thing. But then again with time she supposed that Queen Avalissa was about to get over that.

She would think about what her mind told her about her uncle soon once she had retired to her sleeping quarters later that night. While she was at a feast that appeared to be thrown in her honour was not the time for such musings. She knew that much.

“It was not a hard thing to do, Gem,” he replied. The king smiled at her as he spoke, and she knew that outwardly, he was pleased to have her here. Inwardly, she was a little doubtful that he felt that way.

She nodded. She knew there was much that could have been spoken of, but those things were not those that he should know about. Especially the assassins that kept coming after her. That was something she did not want to bother him with the news of. Like most of her people she agreed with the notion that some humans were not to be trusted with certain things.

Gemstarzah looked around. There were a lot of people here in the hall. By the looks of it, most were nobles, but there were the odd few who were servants doing as they had to that night. Imra was nowhere in sight which was a good thing, it seemed her uncle had honoured her request that Imra not be involved tonight. That knowledge pleased her a good deal. Imra should not be in this sort of thing.

All the meals came out though, and it seemed before the actual sacrifice was made. That was something she was rather glad of, she knew she would lose her appetite if she had to watch that before eating anything.

Looking at the plate in front of her, she was glad to see that no one had dared to put any chicken on it. It seemed her uncle really had been looking out for her this time. That was something that pleased her. Once the others started eating, she did as well. There was no point in letting her food goes to waste, especially since she was hungry.

She ate rather swiftly, not taking much notice of what she was eating. Hoping that somehow she could leave before that other part of the night. She knew that it could not be far off now that the food had come out. Sure enough just as everyone finished eating she could see someone or something moving in the darkness off to the side of the room.

Then she became aware of a strange smell in the air. It was sweet, but she found that she could not concentrate as much as soon as she breathed it in. That was not good at all. What if something happened while she could not think clearly.. especially if it happened to her?

She looked around and noticed that almost everyone had noticed that smell, but none of the others seemed to regard it as a bad thing. What was going on? She knew the humans around her were likely used to such a thing but she was not.

The smoke made the room rather foggy too, which made it harder for her to see anything in particular. Even for elven eyes it was able to reduce some of the visibility around her, and that was a rather disconcerting feeling. The only person she could see clearly was Kelissaya and that was because she was directly in front of her.

Most people at the table around her were looking towards the wide open part which rested between the rest of the tables and the one where the royal family sat now. Did whatever was to happen have to happen so close to where she sat?

She could see some sort of creature standing there now, and that it did not seem too bothered by what was going on around it. how interesting that was turning out to be. She sighed, trying to work out what it was. What kind of animal were they going to kill here tonight.

Her eyes struggled to work out what type of creature it was, but maybe, as she heard words in an unfamiliar language being spoken, perhaps it was not a bad thing that she could not figure out what the creature was. She had to close her eyes though when all of a sudden she could smell blood.

While her eyes closed she heard something thud to the ground and knew it was the creature in the middle of the room. She could hear the others murmuring things, but she did not bother to take in what they were saying. Seeing an innocent creature being butchered for some sacrifice was not something she could stomach.

Knowing there was a door close to where she sat, she muttered one word to her uncle and slipped out of it. She walked a little way, glad for the fresh air. How could they do that sort of thing in such an enclosed space? Silently she walked through the abandoned corridors, glad for the solitude. Getting back to her suite, she let herself in and headed straight for the bed.
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Short Scene from Forces Collide
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