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PostSubject: Golden   Golden EmptySat Dec 29 2012, 02:52

Golden Golden_by_erosaf-d5pnk2e

Dubbed ;; Golden
Age ;; 4
Gender ;; Mare
Title/Rank ;; wanderer
Land ;; none
Herd ;; none

Coat ;; creamollo
Mane & Tail ;; light chestnut, though tail has white hairs due to her being a rabiciano.
Eyes ;; blue. She is blind in her right eye.
Height ;; 15.2 hands
Markings ;; She has white Rabiciano markings on her ribs as well as a huge white sabino spot on her belly. She also has two white socks as well as a blaze on her head that covers her entire muzzle. She also has the white badger marking around her eyes.
Scars ;; many, they came back silver
Daggers ;; steel grey
Horn ;; none
Wings ;; none

Breed ;; Arabian
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Sycoria
Grandsire ;; not known
Granddam ;; not known
Sire ;; Aatos
Grandsire ;; not known
Granddam ;; not known
Brothers ;; many, and none of them does she want to know ever again.
Sisters ;; very few lived to see themselves grow independant of the herd. Only the beautiful ones were kept, and often got beaten. She does not remember them.

Friends ;; none
Enemies ;; none
Sons ;; none, is very afraid to have one.
Daughters ;; she had a chestnut filly once, but she was killed.

History ;;

Golden, though a lovely mare, has had a very traumatic past. When she was only weeks old, her mother brought her back to the herd to meet her father. Aatos seemed alright at that point, but how wrong that first perception was. Only when she was two months old, and she had stopped needing her mother too, since her mother had had to hurry that along, she was taken away with all of her brothers and sisters by a few of the guard stallions in the herd.

What happened then was terrible as they were all herded down into the narrow end of a valley, onto a ledge halfway up the walls of the valley, where there were two paths. One up to the rim once more and the safety of the others in the herd, and one down to the valley floor. She stood with one of her friends, a little grey filly and waited to find out what would happen to them. They were left there for three days and many of her brothers and sisters succumbed to weakness. Her younger friend was one of those who were weakened from the three days.

When the three days were up, the guard stallions came back, and two of them herded those who were still standing, up the ledge towards the herd. Golden was amongst those who were taken. Once back at the top, she snuck away from the herd to see what would happen to those who were left behind. She could see them being herded down to the valley floor. Something they had not been able to see from the ledge. From her vantage point she could see many bones below.

One by one, she watched with horror as the guards broke her half sibling’s legs. As the guards left the valley, she saw something moving through the trees towards her now helpless siblings. She couldn’t watch and turned to run back to her mother. Unfortunately, the screams from her siblings came well before she could get back. She would never forget that terror.

None of the remaining foals were allowed to know why they were saved, other than to be taken by their father from their mothers and split into two groups. One of the group were of all the fillies. They were taken away to a special cave and left there. There was plenty of grass for them to live on though. They were more or less left there to survive on their own until they reached the age of two years old. Those were the last pleasant months of her life.

Then a huge number of two year old colts made their way through the herd of fillies. Some of them because they were not pretty enough were killed, and she could hardly believe that the rude, dominating colts that were there were the same colts she’d stood on that ledge with.

She tried to fight back but ended up getting several bad bruises and other things. Eventually she was knocked out, and left on her own. Someone had taken the bodies of the dead sisters away though, and she was grateful of that when she came to. What she was not happy about though, was to see her father standing over her.

As soon as she struggled to her feet he bucked, kicking her very hard into a tree with his back hooves. She was knocked out by the tremendous pain in one of her eyes from the kick. When she woke up she was very sore and found she could not see through one of her eyes either. She could see nothing to her right.

That frightened her, making her all the more defensive of herself. She was herded to where the others were, small caves beg enough only for two horses in each. She was told to stay facing the wall and that someone would likely pick her. If they had not by the end of the day, she would be killed.

Someone did come, but she was shocked when she felt them on top of her, and something happening under her tail. She bucked just as whoever it was got off of her and ended up managing to strike them in the nose with her hooves before they were upon her, from her right side first. They dragged her out into an open area where three of the guards set upon her with teeth and hooves. She had no chance of fighting back, and she was beaten until she fainted.

A man found her and took her home with him; at first she had thought she could trust him. He healed her, but she knew the damage was done, she couldn’t see like the other tame horses. One of the other mares tried to help her, but she could not trust them. eventually it was time for her to work and she could not pull the weight. The man whipped her something fierce, even tightening the horrid strap that kept her head up high too.

Eventually she managed to escape, and ran away, eventually, exhausted, she fell into a river and was swept onto the banks for Alaknanda River, deep in the heart of the river lands. There she had her foal, but of course, a mean old horse, Satan, slaughtered her newborn chestnut daughter before leaving her with a foal of his own inside her.

Alone, frightened and pregnant, she decided never to leave that place.

Personality ;;
Alliance ;; none
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; Golden is a good mare, but she is very untrusting of stallions. She has had nothing but bad come to her from them, and she will take a long time to convince that she is safe around one. She is very timid, and when spring comes around, she has made a habit of sleeping with her rump pressed against a tree, in case someone horrible sees her and wants to have a foal from her. She is easily frightened and does not react well if people come towards her from her right side. They will often be met by her hooves if they do, as she is not afraid to try and attack them. She feels threatened when others do that. Underneath, is a young mare who just wants to be free and safe from harm. She needs healing from all the scars of her past, but they will be hard to get past.

OOC: that history was almost 1000 words
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