New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho))

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A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho)) Empty
PostSubject: A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho))   A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho)) EmptyTue Jun 05 2012, 00:20

She trotted through the Gemdas, but she was starting to feel the pull of her age now. Many springs had come and gone, and this little blue striped mare knew that her time to die would come soon. Before she went though there was something she wanted... something she needed.

Though to Heart of Gold she was everything but the mutt she'd been born, would he be interested in giving her this one last wish? For it were his foal she sought to have.

"Heart fo Gold?" Requiem called, searching.
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A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho))   A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho)) EmptyMon Oct 01 2012, 16:10

I flew along the mountain tops, the cold air only feeding my fair fires, as I continued my patrol of the border. However, as I approached one of the sixteen smaller waterfalls, I saw the blue roan, Requiem. Smiling, I jumped, my flames spreading out, as I fell through the air, till I landed unharmed, in the water, and continued towards her at a slower pace, each hoof as it was raised becoming a glowing flame, till it touched again.

Around us, the air was full of the sounds of summer, and an ivy vine bloomed with beautiful white flowers along the ground.

"Yes, my sweetest?" I asked her, my soft muzzle gently caressing her strong neck.
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A foal for a mutt?? ((Otho))
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