New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Sage   Sage EmptyFri Apr 20 2012, 20:35

Sage Sage_by_alamandy-d4x51bn

Dubbed ;;Sage
Age ;; 5
Gender ;; She-wolf
Title/Rank ;; None
Land ;;None
Herd ;;None

Coat ;; Brown
Eyes ;;one is aqua the other is purple
Height ;; 5 ft
Markings ;; lighter brown underbelly, and factual markings. she also has three green markings, look at pic for what they look like
Scars ;;many
Daggers ;;White

Breed ;;Grey Wolf
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;;Lavender blue
Grandsire ;;unknown
Granddam ;;unknown
Sire ;;Jay
Grandsire ;;Unknown
Granddam ;;Unknown
Brothers ;;none
Sisters ;;none

Friends ;;none
Enemies ;; most other canines
Sons ;;Vanyel
Daughters ;;N/A

History ;;I was the only pup my parents ever had and lived, it's not like my siblings died or anything just never had any. They taught me well, everything I needed to survive and more. They looked up to me as I would one day take my place as Alpha female of our pack. Everyone in my pack took their turns to take care of me and soon I knew everyone in the pack from the lowest ranked to the highest.
Then I stuffed up but getting myself lost at 1 and a half. I had howled for my pack for days after that but I never found them. I walked into a hunters trap and the steel claws clamped around my right back leg. I creased my howling and whimpered in pain.
When the hunter came to check this trap he found me, he knew I was young and I think he knew I wouldn't hurt him, for he did not shot me like I heard that’s what happened he opened the trap and took me in his arms back to his home.

At the time the hunter’s wife was pregnant and they had a 2 year old boy. It soon became clear that I would never hurt the child and the hunter relaxed a little. A little after their second child was born, the hunter could not make the money he needed to keep them all alive. They had heard that there was a fighting ring and they payed good money to the winner of each fight.
The hunter took me aside one day away from the little ones. He told me that their lives were in my paws and that I needed to win them the money they needed to live. I did not understand then what he meant but soon I did.

It was soon after that he took me to a place that smelt of bloodshed and death. I did not shy away from it though if this was what was needed to keep my family alive then I would do it. I was checked over by many people whom I growled at all of them.
That was the first time I went into a fighting ring. They put me up against another canine a dog i believe. A large dog that had a vicious look to him. I raised my head high and growled before attacking him.
I won that round but not before getting whipped by the ring master. His whip had landed on my nose leaving a cut that would become my first battle scar. I had many before that night was over; I had bet 5 different dogs before we left. I was tired after the third but I kept fighting for the hunter.
I held up well from those fights and once I had I went back and fought more dogs in a continuous circle of healing then fighting then healing and then fighting again. Soon I thought of all others like me as an enemy but I was still loving towards my family. They saw this and I hoped they knew I would never hurt them.

I even saved their children from a rampaging wolf that had been terrorising the town just days before. When I bought him up to the house with the kids following be hide me I think they saw just how strong I was. Because I started going in fights that were much harder than the last one, and they just kept getting harder.
My body by now was almost fully grown and my fur was very long. That same fur hid all my scars that were now littered my skin. Then came the day I started fighting wolves. First they were weak and barely fit to fight, then as the weeks went by they got harder until I was fighting wolves in the prime. Still I would win even if it was on my will alone, I would not give up.

Soon though even my will was not enough for me to win. I started using everything I had. They had me fighting like this for so long I forgot that I was even going to lead a pack if I had never gotten lost. At some point they had me fighting bears.

Then the day came when I gave up, just stopped they had put me against a young pup such a poor little thing, then it reminded me that I was that age when I first fought, about that age he was young then I was he would never survive against me, I looked at the pup before picking him up in my mouth gently. But before I made my escape I made sure that I happened to pick put the money beg as well.

I ran out of their back to the hunter’s home I left the money on his door step before running back into the world of the free. I kept the pup with me and help him grow strong all my knowledge that my pack taught me came back and I taught him it all. Soon after that I found a pack in which he could stay; he would always be my son to me and me his mother who saved him that day. I said my good byes before running long and hard until where I am now

Personality ;;
Alliance ;;Light
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;;She is a loving spirit to all… well everything that’s not another canine. She does not trust others of her kind easily and does her best to keep away from them. But in a fight she will not back down. She has a very strong will, has a soft spot for pups.
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Does that mean shes accepted?
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