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 Just a Soft Melody

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PostSubject: Just a Soft Melody   Just a Soft Melody EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 17:34

Name: Melodia

Age: 4

Species: Horse

Breed: American Warmblood x Kiger Mustang

Gender: Mare

Description: Melody is nearly a Grulla color with dapples on her legs. She has a black mane and tail with some white on her tail. All of her hooves are cream. Melody's eyes are a bright blue, and she has paint markings that extend up her legs. Mel has a rather large frame and is nice and quick; she has amazing agility and reflexes. She can dodge lots of attacks very easily and can turn great.

Height: 16.1hh

History: Melody was born and grew up in the Gemdas. Her mother was Angelica, and her father was the king, Jegathema. At a young age, she realized that her father was dying already. Exile killed him when she was only 1 1/2. Melody had several friends in her childhood. One was Zandere, and the other was Hemlock. Mel liked Hemlock the most but was afraid to go with him for years due to her parents being in sorrow. When he came back to ask her, she refused due to her mother wanting her to stay. Finally, she was forced to leave by Exile taking over the Gemdas by force. Melody ran to Hemlock, who welcomed her back with open arms. There, she became the beta queen of Aonar Ciunas.

Personality: Mel is kind and gentle all the time, like her mother. She is a little innocent, but she learned from her father not to be as naive as her mother was. Melody tries to keep her calm but comes off as over-emotional sometimes. She loves foals and has only one love in the world - Hemlock. Melody gets along good with other mares, and she doesn't argue much about anything, especially not stupid things.

Image (optional): Just a Soft Melody Bouncy_Trouncy_by_Huntress614

-Melodia means Melody

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PostSubject: Re: Just a Soft Melody   Just a Soft Melody EmptyFri Jan 07 2011, 20:39


Please post in Taken Names with link.


Kanny XD
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Just a Soft Melody
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