New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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 This will be Done!

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This will be Done! Empty
PostSubject: This will be Done!   This will be Done! EmptyFri Mar 09 2012, 16:41

The tall black Alicorn stallion with the golden mane, tail and horn moved through the air into Thunder Meadow. Why settle for just the land when he could add the mares who ran here to his little harem? Of course any foals, whom there seemed to be none of would be slain. Deadly was his train of thought and Saberdoria would fall once more from this land.

Very rarely would he allow a daughter of his to leave. And he knew that he would peruse the Wajida Glade to claim any lone mares he found. They would never be allowed to leave him. “SABERDORIA!!!” he bellowed. “Show yourself!!!”

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This will be Done!
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