New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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PostSubject: Iduna    Iduna  EmptyFri Mar 02 2012, 23:17

Iduna  2a65cdb771cfa6e148619c641f884edd-d4nzmz0

Dubbed ;; Iduna
Age ;; 4
Gender ;; Female
Title/Rank ;; Unknown
Land ;; Unknown
Herd ;; Unknown

Coat ;; Black
Mane & Tail ;; Black
Eyes ;; A warm, glowing golden yellow
Height ;; 15.3hh
Markings ;; Her body is unmarked, apart from an odd trickle of glowing golden on her left cheek. She appears normal from her other side, apart from the beautiful glowing eyes.
Scars ;; Unmarked.
Daggers ;; Black
Horn ;; None
Wings ;; None

Breed ;; Unknown X Unknown
Percentage ;; 100% unknown
Dam ;; Idyllic
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Sire ;; Stars-Sam
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Brothers ;;None
Sisters ;; None

Friends ;; None
Enemies ;; None
Sons ;; None
Daughters ;; None

History ;; Like every other child, she was brought up in a loving caring family. Well, almost. Her father, an ex-forcer, had given up his chosen career for the love of his life, Idyllic and her sweet, forgiving nature. But when Idyllic is kidnapped, stolen from their beloved home he goes mad with guilt. Finally Idyllic escapes, returns to their home and he forces her, not knowing it was her until afterwards. She slowly forgives him, but much of her younger carefree nature had gone.
They had a foal, a daughter, Iduna. But were both killed in one of the many wars that fall upon the great lands.

From then on she had roamed the lands, taking her own being wherever she feels like.

At least she thinks they are dead, for they never returned.

Personality ;;
Alliance ;; Netural -> Changes from time to time.
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;; No one will ever come close to her stubboness. She will never stop to say she wrong and is so pigheaded that many find it annoying. Though, somehow she can listen to others and take on their words, but if she thinks she right. Thats it, all out war against the world. She is beauty, yet unknown to herself and any comments have her giggling and flirting like a schoolgirl. She often appears as shy when she first meets another..but that is soon replaced with her bubbly personality and stubborn streak.
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PostSubject: Re: Iduna    Iduna  EmptySat Mar 10 2012, 20:52

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