New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Ilana I_Love_Kangaroos_by_WildSpiritWolf

Dubbed ;; Ilana
Age ;; 8 months
Gender ;; Female
Title/Rank ;; None
Land ;; None
Herd ;; None

Coat ;; Reddish Brown, with white underbelly
Mane & Tail ;; Reddish Brown
Eyes ;; Green
Height ;; 2.5ft
Markings ;; None
Scars ;; Many
Daggers ;; Gray claws
Horn ;; n/a
Wings ;; n/a

Breed ;; Moon Wolf x Siberian Husky x Timber Wolf
Percentage ;; 50% Moon Wolf x 25% Siberian Husky x 25% Timber wolf
Dam ;; Lune
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Sire ;; Rochelle
Grandsire ;; Unknown
Granddam ;; Unknown
Brothers ;; Ladarius, Kilkenny
Sisters ;; Shikari, Mulatto, Anacusis, Hermonie, and Kristen

Friends ;; None
Enemies ;; Many
Love ;; None
Crush ;; None
Heartbreaks ;; None
Sons ;; None
Daughters ;; None

Alliance ;; Neutral
Languages ;; English
Temperament ;;

Ilana has many problems that lay under the surface, and she has a dark side that cannot be tamed. Sometimes, she feels normal, at times overly-excited, and some times she wants to die. It is very odd how she takes on a different personality with every meeting, and she is not the average wolf - to say the least. No one really knows what's wrong with her when she gets into her 'moods'. Overall, she is kind and loyal though, even with her fickleness.

She grew up with her brothers and sisters, but she would always get picked on my her siblings as well as passer-bys. Ilana acquired many scars through the scraps that others picked with her. They could sense that she wasn't like them, that she was different, and they hated her for it. Even the nicest of her brothers Ladarius, didn't speak with her often. Maybe they were just afraid of her because she had hurt them before and because she had hurt herself a few times. Once, she tried to stab herself to death with a pointy rock. She just doesn't understand.
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