New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Making her way in to the glade, Elegia glared at any who looked at her with interest. She shot them death looks, daring them to speak to her, to approach her, to offer their help. Though she was pregnant, she would indeed rip out their throats without a second thought.

Plopping down on to the grass, Elegia began to heave, pushing easily as the monster inside of her made her way in to the world. The pain did not bother her; she reveled in it now. It meant the dawn of a new breed way coming. Antianara and Dire Hellion combining together. And she was the first to birth one of such greatness.

Once the pressure was gone, Elegia lifted her head and looked at the creature that lay at her rear. She reached and began cleaning off the small foal, finding that it was a filly and lavishing the beautiful coat that her daughter had.

Her coat was bright blue, with her head, neck, and mane a steel gray color, the color of her mother, and steel gray stripes going halfway around her torso. Her tail was bright blue as well, with the dark gray filtering in. Her eyes were black with specks of blue.

"Mhaor," Elegia said. The little filly looked at her mother with a fiery gaze and smirked, looking curiously at the bright blue flames that were beginning to develop around her hooves. The foal blew hard out her nostrils and let out a surprised squeal as a plume of neon blue flames came out of her nose as well.

Once the filly was standing, Elegia nudged her daughter in the direction of home and they set off at a surprisingly quick pace for how young the foal was. Elegia new her daughter was going to be perfect in every way.
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