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 Laleh And Jasmine

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PostSubject: Laleh And Jasmine   Laleh And Jasmine EmptySat Feb 04 2012, 22:41

Dubbed ;;Laleh and Jasmine
Age ;; 2 and a half
Gender ;; Mare
Title/Rank ;; N/A
Land ;;N/A
Herd ;;N/A

Coat ;; Laleh is mottled with brown, palomino, white and grey.
Jasmine is white.
Mane & Tail ;; Laleh has a black mane and tail.
Jasmine has white.
Eyes ;;they have the same Aqua coloured eyes.
Height ;; both are 16 hh
Markings ;; Jasmine has a black marking under each eye and strips on the lower half of her legs.
Scars ;;none
Daggers ;;black for Laleh. Cream for Jasmine
Horn ;;N/A
Wings ;;Jasmine has pure white wings with the same marking from under her eyes on them

Breed ;;Percheron, Pegasus
Percentage ;; 50%, 50%
Dam ;;Flora
Grandsire ;;Suspect
Granddam ;;Celtic Knots
Sire ;;Blue Fish
Grandsire ;;Snapper
Granddam ;;Angel Fish
Brothers ;;N/A
Sisters ;; These two are twin sisters with a twist

Friends ;;N/A
Enemies ;; N/A
Sons ;;N/A
Daughters ;;N/A

History ;; When the twins were born, one took after her dad and the other after her mother but both had quite sharp teethe of their grandgam. The pair though could never be separated from each other. That changed when a storm swept Jasmine down river, Leaving Laleh upstream. Being apart for the first time in their lives was hard on them so when Laleh could not find her sister she wished that they could be together again and never be apart. A unicorn had heard her words, Although this unicorn was mean and used magic to join the pair to together in body and soul. Laleh and Jasmine found them selves together as two souls and bodies but as one horse. Each would take turns at being the hidden one and the one that showed as each time they changed the body of the former would turn into that of the other.

At 1 and a half their parents kicked them out because of what had happened to them and they could not comprehend that the pair was now together for good. They travelled far and wide until they came to a land of plenty. Soon though they left there searching for a place where they could fit in as they were, Twins with a slight twist.

Personality ;;
Alliance ;;Light
Languages ;;English
Temperament ;;Laleh is sweet, shy but at times can be very out going, Also is good a drama, while Jasmine is strong willed, she is also good at drama so to speak and she has this motto treat others how you want to be treated, so if you treat her mean she will do so back.
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PostSubject: Re: Laleh And Jasmine   Laleh And Jasmine EmptySun Feb 12 2012, 11:30

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Laleh And Jasmine
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