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 Snow Dawn x Modet

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Snow Dawn x Modet Empty
PostSubject: Snow Dawn x Modet   Snow Dawn x Modet EmptySat Feb 04 2012, 20:04

Name of Mother: Snow Dawn

Username of Mother's RPer: Otho

Species: Wolf

Description of Mother: A white wolf with yellow highlights and a red tint to her thick fur. Her eyes are a dark brown with sunlight golden streaks.

Image (optional): N.A

Name of Father: Modet

Username of Father's RPer: Phantom

Species: Wolf

Description of Father: Modet is an Arctic Wolf cross and the brother of Ghost. Although Ghost was a cross, he had all the breed characteristics. His pelt is hued a brown like color with white points. Russet highlights are also found in his coat. He has blue descriptive feeling eyes also. Modet has small, always perked and alert harks and always is knowing of things around him. His white shades start at the bottom of his lip, continuing to his white fluffy underbelly. Bits of grey are also found in his coat along with the red, brown, and white. He carries a little bit of pain in his left back leg from time to time.

Image (optional): Snow Dawn x Modet Red-wolf
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Snow Dawn x Modet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Snow Dawn x Modet   Snow Dawn x Modet EmptySat Feb 04 2012, 20:19

Number of pups:


Congrats! Two males, four females!

Due to the size of the litter, one pup will be born with a defect.
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Snow Dawn x Modet
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