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 Gloria x Wildfire

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PostSubject: Gloria x Wildfire   Gloria x Wildfire EmptySat Feb 04 2012, 19:54

Name of Mother: Gloria

Username of Mother's RPer: Phantom

Species: Horse

Description of Mother: Gloria is a beautiful mare with a frail form; she is built for extreme speeds, both at the sprint and long distance. Her base color is a light golden hue, and she has splotches of white all over her body. Gloria has a black splotch on her nose and has light green eyes with no pupils. Gloria's mane is both golden and white mixed, but her her tail is pure white.

Image (optional): Gloria x Wildfire Kids_by_rimfy-d2ybuzb

Name of Father:Wildfire

Username of Father's RPer: Erosaf

Species: Horse

Description of Father: see pic

Image (optional):
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PostSubject: Re: Gloria x Wildfire   Gloria x Wildfire EmptySat Feb 11 2012, 23:59


Congrats! It's a colt(:
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Gloria x Wildfire
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