New lands appear. New alliances are made. Darkness once more threatens the world.
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Nam ArabianWolf-CanisLupusArab

Dubbed ;; Nam
Age ;; 4
Gender ;; Male
Title/Rank ;; Alpha Male; Recon Scout Pack
Land ;; N/A
Herd ;; Arabian Quake (Alphas dead, none yet to replace them)

Coat ;; A golden color, with grey and white mixed in.
Eyes ;; Pure black
Height ;; 21 Inches (Shoulder height)
Markings ;; A dark grey, almost black stripe running from just past his forehead to the black tip of his tail.
Scars ;; Many smaller ones, scattered across his body, and a single set of pale scars in the shape of teeth around his right forepaw.

Breed ;; Arabian wolf
Percentage ;; 100%
Dam ;; Tina
Grandsire ;; Larip
Granddam ;; Kina
Sire ;; Fascore
Grandsire ;; Gerig
Granddam ;; Niter
Brothers ;; Fea, Jusir
Sisters ;; Felstir, Felstar, Fina, Anin, Sina

Friends ;; Felstir, Felstar, Jusir, Quod
Enemies ;; Fea, Tarka, Runa, Prei, Quim, Qui
Sons ;; N/A
Daughters ;; N/A

History ;; For a time, Nam lived peacefully in his pack, formerly called Arabian Terror. However, when he was 3 years old, an earthquake destroyed his pack's hunting grounds, and the sicknesses that followed in the earthquake's wake killed off his pack's alphas. He tried to become the knew alpha male, but their were too many other wolves who opposed his plan, and he was almost forced to go along with his sisters as a recon scout. However, he saw this as an opportunity. After all, if he were the first male wolf of his pack in a new territory, he could start his own pack without opposition from the others, and could easily make them join up, placing himself as the alpha male.

Finally, he agreed to go with his younger sisters, and after a time, he was glad, since while he was ahead of the other males of the pack, they could kill each other off, and he could prepare himself for any further battles while looking for his new home.

Personality ;;
Alliance ;; Jusir, Vera
Languages ;; English, Arabic
Temperament ;; He tends towards being somewhat impulsive, but he tries making up for it by keeping his battle skills sharp.
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