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 Life's a Struggle

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Life's a Struggle Empty
PostSubject: Life's a Struggle   Life's a Struggle EmptySun Jan 29 2012, 03:53

Well over here in Queensland Australia ((for those who don't know where I am)) things are a struggle for me. No nothing like the floods we had this time last year. No, this time its more of a personal matter, a family fued!! Sad

And the result of the family fued that happened on the morning of the 28th of January, which for me is yesterday at the time of this post, is that the family is splitting in three.

I'm staying with my mum and the dog. My sister and her boyfreind are likely going on their own way. And the asshole responsible, mum's former partner, can bugger off wherever the hell he likes. Evil or Very Mad

as such, the road for me at the moment seems to be filled with him angry potholes so my muse is limited. I will still get on, but please no smeaking, I won't be sneaking at you either...

Sorry guys
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Life's a Struggle
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